The directors of the NSMBA are responsible for planning for the future of the organization, as well as managing its day to day activities. Each director has a duty to act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the society. Directors are expected to be involved in the planning, organization, execution, and follow up of the following activities:

  • events (trail days, member meetings, special events)
  • marketing and promotion
  • advocacy
  • fundraising

To fulfill their role, directors are expected to have excellent communication skills allowing them to effectively liaise, negotiate, and communicate with local landowners, NSMBA members, corporate supporters, media, and the general public. Directors should expect to set aside a reasonable amount of time to complete their duties, and be committed to the organization and serve their entire term.

Jenny Beazley

Jenny Beazley


I’ve been on the NSMBA Board of Directors since 2014, covering Advocacy and then Grants & Advocacy.  I’m excited to step up as President in 2017 and delighted that we have such a strong, diverse and talented Board.  During our 20th Anniversary year, our goal is to continue growing the organization, strengthening relationships with members, directors, sponsors, supporters, local government and public/private land managers.

My day job at a global US$80bn technology organization involves using a data-driven approach to identify customer experience improvements, building loyalty, brand reputation and increasing sales.  We have been working to bring those corporate best practices to the NSMBA in order to protect existing trails, open further opportunities and better represent our members.

The North Shore trails are legendary amongst mountain bikers worldwide and the main driver behind my relocation to Vancouver seven years ago.  Being able to contribute to a trail network that has brought me so much fun and introduced me to so many friends is a fantastic way of giving back to our community.  And I’m not the only one who feels this way: I have respect and gratitude for everyone who has volunteered at trail days, participated in our events, donated to our cause and purchased memberships or trail passes.  YOU help make our organization what it is today.  Here’s to our 20th year!

Vince Beasse

Vince Beasse


As a Supporter and member of the NSMBA for over 15 years I bring over 20 years of related work experience with MEC which includes: long and short term strategic planning, budgeting as well as relationship development and management. My strong negotiation skills, strong moral compass, high work ethic and 20 years + of riding the North Shore Mountains make for the perfect storm. I help lead this Board of Directors as a professional, courteous, well-spoken and thoughtful individual.

As Vice President my objective is simple: Keep the NSMBA strong and growing.

Key to making this a success is developing a strong board of directors and ensuring ongoing success of the NSMBA staff.

In 2017, I will focus on continuing to work towards building a strong organization that is committed to and rooted in community service. “Trails for All, Trails Forever”

Like a good guest, you should leave a place you visit better than you found it. The Shore has provided me with so much joy over the last 20 years – being on the NSMBA board over the last 4 years is a way for me to give back.

I had just moved to Vancouver in the early 90’s and had been hearing about these bike trails, so I decided to look for them. After a pedal in from Vancouver and some route finding (getting lost) I was on my way up Mountain Highway. I was fortunate to meet some riders on the pedal up; they introduced me to some of the trails. I had never ridden anything like this – it was unreal and I was hooked.

That was 1992, fast forward to 2017 – Fromme is still my favorite place to ride.

The Shore has so many great trails making it difficult to pick just one. I tend to go by what is in season and enjoy different trails throughout the year. I really enjoy linking up multiple trails over the course of a ride.

But if I had to pick one it would be Skull – to me it embodies the essence of the shore. And after a great ride I love to hang out in my garden.

James Brooks

James Brooks


I like to say I am a mountain biker who has a great side job as an accountant, that’s how most of my friends perceive it. The coming 2016 year will be my first with the NSMBA, having relocated down to the north shore permanently 2 years ago after a number of years riding, skiing, living and working in Whistler. I was the controller for the lodging division of Whistler Blackcomb for 11 years and I am now the chief accountant for a family run business here in North Vancouver. My goal as treasurer is to continue on with the great work the board has been doing to help grow our membership into the largest mountain bike club in Canada (if not the world). I would really like to see fully paid membership hit 2,000 by 2017.

Over the last 2 years I have ridden extensively around the shore at least twice a week and can say I am extremely proud of the work that the NSMBA have done to keep up this trail network as one of the premier networks in the world.  It takes a lot or work to deal with all the various stake holders here on the shore, harder than any land management we had to deal with in Whistler when I was the treasurer for WORCA. I plan to use all that experience in helping the NSMBA protect, manage and expand our trail network.

So what’s my favourite trail? Well thanks to Peter Morin I have to say it’s the 7th , Leopard, Krinkum, Kirkford rip. When I think back to what it was like to ride those trails for the first time in 1997 when I moved here from Ontario, (on my hardtail Dekerf with v-brakes and 2” travel) compared to now, wow what a difference.  So thanks to all our trail builders!

Penny Deck

Penny Deck


My passion for mountain biking began in 1998 when I was first introduced to the North Shore, with its incredible trails, passionate builders, and welcoming community. Our community is thriving as evidenced by the successes of the TAP program, the Fivers, and the whoops and hollers heard from riders on trails. My goal is to continue building on the amazing work accomplished by the current and past NSMBA boards. As a rider, coach, and trail builder, my vision is to continue to help maintain and build trails on the North Shore, to advocate for projects that provide technical challenge to advanced riders yet provides a network of trails that is inclusive for all levels of riders, and work towards developing long term trail management and development plans.

Todd "Digger" Fiander

Todd "Digger" Fiander

Director of Trails

My years on the mountains, digging, living and digging some more allow me to contribute vast amounts of knowledge on the environment we are working with.My first trail was on Cypress, Cross Cut. Top of Cypress to ride Brothers Creek. I made some short cuts to cut across the road. While I was out there I found a big Saw and hence the name – Cross Cut. My favourite trail right now is Bookwus because it is CRAZY!!

My goals as the Director of Trails for 2017 are easy: Build more trails, keep people smiling and yahooing on the mountain!

After a day of digging you can find me at the local hot spot Browns Social House.

Please note in 2015 Todd was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and most recently named by Cycling Canada Magazine as one of the 14 most influential Canadians in Cycling.

Brian Earle

Brian Earle

Director of Races

Like many other riders on the Shore I am a transplant, I didn’t grow up but moved her for access to the mountains. It’s been amazing to go from drooling over Shore trails in Diggers first video’s to riding them and then getting more involved with the organization and community behind them.

Coming here in 2006 I first got involved with the riding community via the Ripper Series of events and Trail Days. Trail Days have been a staple of the NSMBA since the beginning. After the Ripper Series ended I left the community was missing a riding component. It can’t be all work and no play.

My experiences as a rider in local community events in the Sea to Sky corridor made me want to help build fun riding events on the Shore. There was a solid foundation for the Toonie series that had been established before I came on the Board but it needed refinement and a catalyst to make it the best it could be.

I cannot say that every idea as Race Director has been 100% my own. It’s kinda been like making a mix tape, pull the best bits from your favourites and mash it all up to make something of your own. I feel we’re building a solid platform for ongoing fun community riding events. My goal for 2017 is to make it just a bit better. Continue to refine the behind the scenes work that goes into putting on these events so it can be handed off to the next mix tape master.

Look forward to fun times and great trails.

Sebastian Mueller

Sebastian Mueller

Director of Marketing

My experience and skills in marketing combined with my passion for mountain biking will help me to be successful in my role.

With the main goal to strengthen our position in the community and enable our mission of “trails for all, trails forever”, the biggest focus for 2016 is growing our membership base. The more people sign up for their membership, the better the trails will be. It is not only the financial aspect of a new or renewed membership, much more the support and awareness when negotiation with and asking for support from the DNV and landmangers.

I simply love to ride. When I feel like riding flowy trails or introduce friends to the Shore there is nothing better than an Expresso to Dempsey descent. If I feel like challenging myself on classic shore trails my go to line is Bookwus to Grannies to either Lower Crippler, Lower Skull or Lower Ladies. Feeling like natural trails? Grannies or Executioner. Bitches Brew, Digger, Boundary, there are still ndless outstanding projects. You might have guessed it already, Mt. Fromme is my go-to Mountain on the Shore and with constantly shifting preferences there is not one trail to choose.

Cynthia Young

Cynthia Young

Director of Membership and Community Partnerships

As a rider of the north shore since the mid90’s and a mountain bike instructor, coach and guide in our community for over a decade, I have a broad and unique perspective on our trail infrastructure and the local ridership.  As a mother of two young shredders, I have a desire to see mountain biking stay sustainable on the shore for generations to come and to ensure that there are trails that provide a positive riding experience for new participants of the sport.

In addition to raising the future generation of mountain bikers, I have worked in a variety of roles, including marketing, sales, program development, event planning, and volunteer coordination.

My focus for 2017 is on growing community involvement, awareness of our organization and increasing membership numbers.  If you see me in the forest, please say hi!

Michelle Major

Michelle Major

Director of Volunteers & Grants

I was born and raised in the country in southern Ontario and my favourite toy growing up was my bike; riding it through the woods and on the roads, exploring new areas looking for the next adventure. I moved to Toronto and enjoyed mountain biking at Hardwood Hills, riding along Lake Ontario waterfront and exploring the network of city trails. In 2005 I came to Vancouver and friends introduced me to the North Shore. Needless to say I had never seen anything like it before and I was completely captivated. Even though I never became ‘good’ at mountain biking to take full advantage of what the North Shore has to offer, I’m at my happiest being in the trails. This is why I joined NSMBA, became a Shore Corps member and am now a member of the Board of Directors to help make the riding experience on the North Shore the best it can be for everyone!

 In my professional life I’m a Project Manager (SAP and information systems) and am known for my attention to detail, being organized and achieving success. I’m excited to be able to take these skills and use them in my role as Director of Volunteers and Grants. As the newest member to the Board of Directors, I look forward to providing a fresh perspective in working with them and being able to meet their needs with the generous volunteers that are so eager to help. I also want to maximize the volunteers experience with the many different opportunities the NSMBA has to offer.  As the Director of Grants I look forward to learning from Jenny and Christine, and taking over the detailed task of applying for the grants that are critical to the funding of the valuable projects of the NSMBA.

Cooper Quinn

Cooper Quinn

Director of Advocacy

The Shore and it’s trails are iconic, and a primary reason I moved here almost 15 years ago. I grew up in Jackson, Wy, as part of a small group of rogue riders and builders who faced losing access and trails. We got organized, legitimized; and working with the National Forest Service the new non-profit Teton Freedom Riders successfully helped coordinate the first user-specific trail network in the US on National Forest land. Today, TFR works with multiple government organizations, non-profits, and other stakeholders on an ever-expanding trail network throughout the Teton area.

In my professional life, I’m a director and officer in the private sector. I’ve worked as a project manager all over the world, as well as a director and officer in public companies. I can tightly manage budgets, schedules, personnel, and logistics on projects from $10k to $15M, in an industry with challenging permitting, environmental, and social considerations.

This background and my communication skills give me the experience I need here to liaise and build lasting relationships with the multitude of land managers, trail users, residents, trail builders, and other concerned stakeholders here on the Shore as the Director of Advocacy.

Ensuring the current trends in trail network success, NSMBA membership, and revenue are well managed will help secure a long term sustainable future for mountain biking on the North Shore.

Mountain biking, community, and trail access are things I care deeply about; Trails for All, Trails Forever. Now who’s up for a ride?

Jaclyn Delacroix

Jaclyn Delacroix

Director of Youth

I moved to the Shore nearly a decade ago and fell in love with the trails and the community here. I’ve been strongly involved in the women’s mountain bike community since 2008 when I joined the Muddbunnies and always take every opportunity to support, promote and encourage women in our sport, this includes developing a series of women’s mountain bike clinics across BC and hosting ladies only trail days here on the Shore.  I’m also an active and enthusiastic trail builder, if I’m not riding my bike then i’m generally in the forest giving back to our sport.
In more recent years I have worked closely with youth in Vancouver and Whistler both in mountain biking and outdoor education in general, I think it is important to mentor and support our next generation of rippers.  I look forward to further developing and growing our youth program for 2017 and beyond, my predecessor left some excellent foundations in place which I will use to pave the way to a program the whole community can get behind and be excited about.
I always find it so hard to pick a single favorite trail so lets see, Cypress: 5th Horseman, Fromme: Crippler and Seymour: Boogieman