2015 TAP Builders

The NSMBA is proud to present our 2015 TAP Builders!  

Gassed, stoked and ready to go!

Todd Fiander
Patrick Podolski
Martin Newman
Peter Morin
Andrew Teit
Brent Hillier
Sean Gerke
Sven Luebke
Daniel Lui
Earl Allen
Penny Deck
Martin Newman
Trevor Hansen
Tomislav Ferenc
Tom Hudson
Gordon McNaughton
Michael Stormer
Jorn Dettmer
Randy Konrad
Mark Wood

TAP 2015 Open for Adoptions


The NSMBA is proud to announce that adoptions are open for 2015.  If your organization is interested in adopting a trail in 2015, please email TAP@nsmba.ca.  To find out more about what it means to adopt a trail, click HERE. To find out more about the Trail Adoption Plan, click HERE.


2014 Trail Report

While we strategically plan for 2015, its been an incredibly successful past year for our community on the trail front.  Combine TAP trail days in 2014 (90), 2014 Public Trail Days (9) and 2014 Academy Trail Days (6) we collectively have surpassed the centurion marker in 2014!  100 has been a long standing marker we've aimed for over the past few years. Finally achieving this is a milestone for the NSMBA and is a testament to the collective community spirit that is driving this forward.  
We are working together as a community like never before. We are working together with the Land Managers (LM) to find solutions and understand the process, at times creating the process as we go, but we have earned our place with our efforts and have become a valued and integral part of the LM Trail strategy. With a growing list of support from the business community, generous donors, and an army of well educated & trained volunteers, there is tremendous momentum as we march into 2015. Thank you to all of you who have been part of these efforts.  For those in our community who wish to be part of the effort moving forward in 2015, the door is open for you to join in this movement. 
Please find below our summary of accomplishments in 2014.

TAP 2014 Update

Some changes to our 2014 TAP line up.  We welcome Giant Vancouver and Telus to the TAP family!
To date, TAP has accounted for over 50 trail days!
When the rains return, the work will continue into the fall and winter.  
Support those who support the Shore!

TAP 2014 Launches!

The NSMBA is proud to announce our list of 2014 Adopters.  Thank you to all of our sponsors this year who are contributing to make the Shore the best place in the world to ride our bikes!  For those about to shovel, we salute you!

2014 TAP Adoptions Open!

2014 Trails Adoptions are open!  

Find out how it works here.  

New trails up for adoption include Forever After, High School League Trail, Sticks & Stones, Dempsey and Roadside Attraction.  These, and many others, need your helping hands.  

Be part of the good work in 2014!
To adopt a trail on the Shore, email TAP@nsmba.ca


October 5th, 2013 - Circuit 8 TAP Trail Day

I woke up to a clear and cool morning on Saturday for my first TAP Trail Day on Circuit 8, with volunteers from BC Bike Race and Adera. The torch for this trail has been passed on to me from Matt Preston, a long time builder on the Shore and famous for his work on the Bridle Path, Sticks & Stones, and Slippery Salamander. Matt has been plugging away at Circuit 8 now for a couple of years, but his education and career has him on a stint up north for a couple years. Thanks for all your work over the years Matt, we'll make sure to work twice as hard until you get back!

Matt Preston on Forever After

Circuit 8 is a trail that's tucked away in the LSCR, about a mile up the paved path. Being a bit out of the way, not many people get up to it but it's a funky little loop, and can be a good 20 minute ride when you line up every part of it. I'll add it into my ride every once and a while, when I head over from Lynn Valley to ride the Seymour trails.

The vision for all the work on Circuit 8 over the past few years has been to "bring the singletrack back". Sections of the trail get really boggy in the wet, and over time the trail has gotton wider and wider as people try to avoid the puddles.

CBC Open for the Season

CBC on Mt Seymour is now officially open for the season.

New woodwork replaced by Okanagan Springs in 2012.

Due to the aging woodwork on this trail, as well as the extensive amount of woodwork, the assessment this year before opening was particularly involved.  Significant rot on elevated sections of trail were replaced last year by lead builder Stuart Kerr and his crew from Okanagan Springs.  The new woodwork is sound and removed unnecessary risks.  There are still areas of concern with expiring, low lying structure that will need replaced within the next two seasons and work will continue this year by Nukeproof and Okanagan Springs to replace expiring structures and continue ground work & drainage.  The first CBC TAP day was held on May 26 to improve the eroded exit.

TAP expands to FVMBA & WMBC

The NSMBA is proud to announce new partnerships with the WMBC in Bellingham Washington and FVMBA in the Fraser Valley as pilot projects in the expansion of the TAP model.  "The Trail Adoption Plan has proven incredibly potent in getting the community involved in caring for our trails," Mark Wood, NSMBA Program Manager is excited to have two strong partners to expand the success of the program.  "Both FVMBA & WMBC have a solid core of strong builders and an engaged community, this will help propel them to the next level."

2013 TAP Adoptions Now Open

After another incredible year on the Shore, the NSMBA TAP program is now open for new adopters for 2013.  
The Shore is in better shape than ever, but there is still much to be done.  
You can be part of our success.
TAP Adoptions are now open for 2013.  
Deadline January 31st 2013.
To adopt a trail, please email TAP@nsmba.ca
To find out how it works, click here.