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Volunteer Hours Contributed to the North Shore Trails since Jan 1 2018

Volunteer Hours Contributed to the North Shore Trails in 2017

May Trail Update

With snow gone and the Summer dryness still a ways a way, we're in perhaps the busiest time for the trails right now. Our trail crew fixed up a major section of the Powerline Trail on Seymour, rebuilt the Skybridge on Boogienights (after wind debris damaged it), and...

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April Showers Bring May [Hero Dirt] / Flowers.

This month we have 4 upcoming “Open Days” - smaller group days open to a few extra volunteers from the community. You can get involved by simply emailing the contact person associated with each day to come join in the trail maintenance. May 11 - Lower Oilcan (RBC)...

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April Trail Update

Spring has officially sprung and here's hoping that means more dirt and less snow! As the snowline has retreated we've been busy on both Fromme and Seymour! Our Trail Crew and Builders have been hard at work with Slippery Salamander, Bridal Path, Rapid Transit, RT...

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