Youth Academy

Coming this fall, we are expanding the Arc’teryx Trail Academy by introducing a Youth Academy!

The program will run in conjunction with local schools as an alternative to classroom lessons and include both a classroom and a trail session. The Youth Academy will be open to all students and will provide different programs for children of different ages.

Academy Aims:

  • Increase Trail Stewardship – We want the young trail users in our community to be courteous trail users.
  • Promote Sustainability – We aim to focus on the longevity of the trails as well as environmental sustainability. The academy will cover a range of subjects, from regreening initiatives to trail maintenance.
  • Increase Youth Membership – All participants must be members of the NSMBA. We will promote the importance of the work carried out by the NSMBA and other trail associations. The academy will be FREE to all NSMBA members.
  • Make it fun! – Whether the academy participants are mountain bikers, hikers, runners, or have not spent any time on the trails, we want them to want to enjoy the trail network, and hopefully join in on future trail days!

If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the Youth Academy at all, please get in touch at