2013 Election Rules and Procedures

At the Annual General Meeting , all NSMBA members present and in good standing may vote to elect directors for the upcoming year. In accordance with the bylaws of the NSMBA, a minimum of five director positions must be filled.

The Board of Directors has outlined the director positions necessary to ensure the ongoing growth and success of the NSMBA. The duties of these positions can be found here. There will be no "at-large" directors in the coming year.

Individuals wishing to become directors must fill out and submit a nomination form a minimum of 48 hours prior to the commencement of the AGM. Nomination forms will be available for members and the general public to view.

At the AGM, nominees will be given time to make a brief statement to the assembled members, and the floor will be opened up to the membership for questions and clarification. In the case that multiple candidates are contesting for the same position, the winner shall be chosen by ballot. Uncontested candidates shall be elected by acclamation. Any positions left vacant will revert to the person who previously held that position, until the directorate can appoint a suitable replacement.