We are a​ volunteer​ driven ​non-profit organization​ dedicated to caring for a sustainable trail​ ​network within the​ ​community.

Trails for all, trails forever!

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Trail Jargon of the Month: Skinny

SKINNY /ski-knee/ noun A term often used to describe roadie tires, but in this case refers to a built cedar feature that comes with the risk of a broken derailleur. . Our local trail network has lots of skinnies and they make riding more fun, interesting and...

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Trail Jargon of the Month: “Braiding”

. BRAID/brād/nounAn alternate line taken by a trail user off of the trail. These can include shortcuts, trail widening, ride arounds, or any alternate line not envisioned or constructed by the trail builder. .BRAIDING/ˈbrādiNG/  verb The act of riding or walking off...

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August 2020 Trail Update

The Trail Crew have kept their attention on Fromme, keeping up regular maintenance on Expresso, Ladies Only, the Fromme Ascent, Bookwus and Bobsled, while also building a new bridge on Seventh Secret. The...

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