What is the Social Badger Challenge?

The “NSMBA Social Badger Challenge” is a series of ride challenges through the badge system on Trailforks. Not sure what a Trailforks badge is? Click here to find out!

How does it work?

Every Sunday for a 8 week period, we release a unique badge(s) that you will have 1 week to unlock (Sunday to Saturday). Each badge will be unlocked differently but keep in mind that speed is not a factor so keep it chill and braid your hair, not the trails.

In order to unlock a badge, you must log your ride(s) on the Trailforks app, or sync your ride from Strava. If you complete the badge’s challenge, the badge will automatically be granted to you and show up on your profile.

If you have logged a ride and Trailforks is not picking up that you rode a certain trail(s), you can correct it by following the steps in this video: https://www.trailforks.com/help/view/115/

For every badge you gain, you will be entered to win some fabulous prizes from each badge’s presenting sponsor (listed below). Prize winners will be messaged through Trailforks. Everyone who completes a badge will also get a free and unique sticker that can be collected at each sponsor’s location!

Please note that while anyone can unlock the badges, you must be a NSMBA member to be eligible to win any prizes. You can grab your membership HERE

The specific details of each badge will be linked below and released every week on Sunday morning.

Upcoming Challenge Dates

Stay tuned for more details about upcoming challenges in 2022 and 2023.

You can check out past badges, sponsors and prize winners below.

Past Challenge Dates

May 30th – June 5th: Two Mountain Slalom – presented by Obsession: Bikes – Prize Winner: Chris Horte

June 6th – June 12th: See More Badgers / Where the Badgers Fromme (UPDATED) – presented by Steed Cycles – Prize Winner: Brett Halicki

June 13th – June 19th: Eastside Classics / Westside Classics – presented by Lynn Valley Bikes – Prize Winners: PJ McConkey and Lexical

June 20 – June 26: Get Back out There – presented by Norco North Shore – Prize Winners: Quinn Duffy, Logan Peloso and Ashley Cogger

June 27th – July 3rd: Seymour Crusher – presented by Bicicletta – Prize Winners: Richard Parker, John Tuytel, Clement Hobbs and Jonathan Lapierre.

July 4th – July 10th: The Fromme Badger / The Seymour Badger / The Social Badger / The Honey Badger – presented by Endless Biking – Prize Winners: Grigory Loginov, Dennis Wakelin and Adam Ferguson

July 11th – July 17th: To the Moon – presented by Comor Sports  – Prize Winners: Corey Brennan and Marie-Josée Le Jour

July 18th – July 24th: Warp / Quest – presented by DNV Firefighters Charitable Society and Escape Adventures – Prize Winners: Marie-Josée Le Jour, Glen Goodvin