Trail Adoption Plan – How it Works

TAP-How it Works

You will be partnered with a professional Trail Builder who will complete an official Assessment and then create a Work Plan for your adopted trail.  Your organization will work with the Builder to schedule up to 6 Trail Days throughout the year.  The amount of Trail Days is up to you.  Have the money but not the time?  Contribute a bit more and the NSMBA will appoint a builder to TAP the trail of your choice-you look good and we do all the work!

To become a 2015 Trail Adopter, please contact us

It's your chance to connect with the community, build your team and make a positive impact.

What do you get as an Adopter?  Besides the obvious beneļ¬ts of connecting with the community and the positive karma you’ll generate as a Trail Adopter, you will also receive recognition on signage at the trail head for the calendar year. Trail updates are regularly sent to our 4300+ friends on our Facebook page as well as ‘Latest Updates’ on our NSMBA Newsletter, sent to 2500+ riders at present. As a Trail Adopter, you are able to use the TAP logo to proudly boast in your company literature, online, Twitter, blog and Facebook. Brag about the good work you are doing!  Your logo will be prominently attached to all NSMBA newsletters as well as listed as a Gold Level Sponsor on our website.  

Utilize this opportunity to connect with the community and build spirit within your organization.  Feel free to share your Adoption with a key partner to grow that relationship and share in the pride that comes with ownership.