Trail Building Tips

The Following Links are provided to give aspiring trail builders some ideas on how to build their trails better.

-2002: Examples of Structures and Rock Work

Common Mistakes 
Well Constructed Structures and Solid Rockwork

C-buster – Keeping it Natural

-2002: Building Trails for Fun and Karma

-2000: CBC Trail Ressurected

Occupiers Liability Act – The law regarding trail building in BC.

For another article which helps to clarify this law go here.

North Shore News Story on NS-SAR Statistics from 1995-1996

-2002: Resort Municipality of Whistler: Trail Standards – Although detailed, a good place to start when building a trail or trail features.


Bicycle Management. Including Trail Issues and How to make Freeriding work in your area. 
Rock Armouring 
Rerouting and/or closing sections of a trail 
Building Better Trails, some ideas and insight on making your trail last.

Another link on Rock Armouring