Tara Mowat

How will you work to achieve the current vision and mission of the NSMBA?

Organizing events that celebrate the success of our community will help build the biking community and culture.  This in turn will encourage and empower members to advocate for the NSMBA and continue to donate their time to an organization that they value.

List one threat and one opportunity you see for the NSMBA in the near future? What will you do to mitigate that threat and realize that opportunity on behalf of the organization?

Government cuts to awesome programs and organizations are on the rise.  By celebrating our communities achievements, bolstering community morale, and sticking to our vision and mission we will be able to demonstrate that our organization and the services we do are crucial to the public and therefore deserve government backing.

By creating a space that allows like minded individuals and organizations to come together and share new ideas, old ideas, host more events, share resources, etc.   This extra wo/man power will help in building more leverage for us when approaching government agencies (and non-government agencies) for funds in supporting our sport.

For the position you've applied for, please describe how you will develop and manage a team to accomplish the directives/goals of your department.

I hope to canvass at the AGM and or sort through our current "volunteer" database to filter out a small dedicated team of volunteers interested in brainstorming, scheduling, planning and executing events (not including races).  I believe that by engaging volunteers in the planning and execution process volunteers will develop ownership of these projects and ultimately lead to turbo rad events.

Illustrate why you are capable and qualified to lead our organization in the coming years.

I love to bike and I love to have fun.  I've been organizing events, both formally and informally, for over 6 years.  Last year I organized the 1st annual NSMBAFF and helped with the planning and execution of the Toonie Race Series.   I have been a committed BOD for two years now and am excited at the opportunity for a 3rd year.  Now that the NSMBA has a clear objective laid out for each of the BOD's I believe that more than ever I can follow through with some of the ideas we have had over the past few years.

By hosting some rad gatherings that celebrate the awesomeness of the bike world I believe we can easily increase our membership, begin to secure some sponsorship, and remind the community of what an incredible organization we are to be apart of.