What is a Fiver?

Our Fiver Series is a collection of fun community races. For $5 (and a current NSMBA membership) you will enjoy an evening of leisurely racing followed by food and beverages. This is a great community event open to anyone, of any ability, and we strongly encourage families to participate!

Fivers are hosted bi-weekly on Thursday evenings. Registration opens at 5:30 pm at the designated registration point with a rolling start open from 5:45 pm to 6:45 pm.

If the race is at Fromme the registration booth will be found by the main parking lot and if on Seymour it will be found at Parkgate Park, unless it is stated otherwise in the posted race details.

2022 Fiver Events

The 2022 Fivers Series has concluded. Thank you to all of the Volunteers, Riders and Sponsors who made all 7 Fivers huge successes!

Check out our Youtube Channel for some video recaps of this year’s Fivers:

Stay tuned for upcoming Fiver events and more! 

Fiver Courses and Rider Categories

Course details will be released two days before each week’s race at

Each Fiver course will consist of 3 timed stages (Enduro style). Riders will follow the course and scan their timing chip at the start and finish of each stage (course marshalls will be present at each stage).

At the registration tent, all riders can choose to be placed in the following categories:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Junior Men (under 18)
  • Junior Women (under 18)
  • Non-Binary

Please note that e-bikes are not permitted by current regulation in our Fiver Events. 

Fiver Results

Fiver results from each race can be found HERE.

What you need to Participate

To participate, all riders must:

Each Fiver this season caps out at 200 riders. To be fair to the community and ensure that we can maximize ridership for each race we will sell 100 season passes and leave 100 spaces open for drop-in. We will also have 30 spots reserved for any women riders who attend.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Volunteer at the Fivers

Want to lend a hand as volunteer support for these events? Sign up here!

We always need help with course marking, set up, course marshalling, registration and first aid.

If you have any questions, email and

Photos by Dmitry Nedugov