Wet Weather Riding

Here are some wet weather riding tips to help preserve the DIRT so you can keep riding your favourite trails all season long!

Wet Weather Riding Tips

Avoid Heavy or Atmospheric Rain

  • Is today the day to ride? Riding in heavy rain can be damaging to the trails, especially coming out of a dry season as the soil has a hard time soaking up the moisture. This means that if there are high volumes of rain in a short period of time, much of the dirt will be washed away. Please avoid riding during heavy rain to preserve the dirt!

Choose Wisely

  • If you are choosing to ride, in efforts to best protect the trails, we recommend avoiding heavy dirt and flow trails (ex. Bobsled, Expresso, John Deer, Lower Digger, Pennzoil, Bookwus, Pile of Rocks) and instead stick to riding trails that consist of rock and wood features. Visit: https://ww.trailforks.com/region/north-vancouver/ for more information on trails.

Watch for falling debris

  • Rainy season can also come with some serious wind conditions and storms. Due to the fact that we’ve had such a dry summer, the likelyhood of falling debris is more than usual. Keep an eye out and avoid riding in heavy wind and stormy weather.
  • Report downed trees and other hazards at: https://www.trailforks.com/trails/  with a picture, location, and rough diameter of the tree.

Ride it, Don’t Slide it

  • Skidding displaces dirt and accelerates soil erosion. Even when the trails are dry, the loose dirt created from skidding is washed downhill during rain. Skidding potholes are also common places for puddles to form. Minimizing braking when cornering, or riding, and lower psi in tires so that you have more surface area and traction!

Drain the Rain`

  • When you see a puddle on your ride, we recommend riding slowly through it rather than riding around it and widening the trail. Better yet, take 30 seconds to grab a stick or use your heel to create a drain, helping the pool of water flow off the trail and back into the forest, and in the process, helping us #DRAINTHERAIN! Check out some community members helping us to #DRAINTHERAIN 🙂

Be Prepared

  • Wear waterproof clothing and protective eyewear.
  • Use wet lube for your chain oil. Front and rear mudgaurds can help keep mud off your bike and out of your eyes!
  • Adjust tire PSI.
  • Ride more upright; centering your weight on the bike helps increase balance in slippery conditions


Thank you everyone and happy riding!

If you have any further questions, please email info@nsmba.ca.


If you have any questions, please email info@nsmba.ca