Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Please take a read through the volunteer options below and if you have questions at any time please feel free to send us an email to info@nsmba.ca.

Attend a Public Trail Day

Trail Days are the main way people can volunteer with the NSMBA. It’s a great way get involved, meet trail builders and learn about what’s involved in the organization. Everyone is welcome to attend public trail days and you do not need to have any previous experience working on trails.

You can find all upcoming trail days in our Events Calendar: www.nsmba.ca/events

Learn what to expect and what to bring to a trail day: www.nsmba.ca/attending-a-trail-day

Volunteer at a Fiver Event

Want to lend a hand as volunteer support our signature events? To learn more about what is involved with being a volunteer at a Fiver event please read our Fiver Volunteer FAQ.

If you are ready to sign up click here to be added to our volunteer list ! We will reach out every couple of weeks during the Fiver season to check availability, so there is no requirement to commit to specific dates at the time of sign up. 

Want to Work on a Specific Trail?

Are you interested in helping out on a trail you ride frequently or have input on a trail you ride?

Send us an email at info@nsmba.ca and we can connect you with the builders if there are any additional opportunities outside of the posted trail days.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Have skills or ideas that you think could be useful to the NSMBA (ex. web design, photography, graphic design etc)? We’d love to hear from you so email us at info@nsmba.ca

Book a Private Trail Day

Most trail days are part of our Partnership Packages where we partner with businesses and groups who work to maintain the trails throughout the year with the trail builders.

Depending on the package the Partner chooses, they hold a specific number of trail days every year and while some use their days as private trail days for their team, others use them as opportunities for anyone from the community to join in trail work.

If you are not a Partner, you can still bring your business/organization out to the trails by booking a private trail day with us!

See below for our sliding scale to ensure we are covering our costs such as tools, paying for builders, admin fees, etc:

$500 – under 10 people, 3 hours (break-even)

$800 – under 10 people, 3 hours (helps donate back to trail)

$1000 – 10-20 people, 3 hours (break-even)

$1500 – 10-20 people, 3 hours (helps donate back to trail)

Email info@nsmba.ca to book.