Become a Member

The easiest way to support the NSMBA is with a membership! With a current membership, you are giving back to the trails and supporting the work that keeps them open and accessible to the community.

Membership are valid until the day of purchase of the following year. If you are interested in purchasing the membership as a gift, please email

  • Adult Membership (Rider/builder) – The core of the North Shore Mountain Bike Association, we couldn’t do it without you
    Adult Membership (Runner/hiker) – Recognising the huge community of runners and hikers that share the North Shore trails
  • Family Membership – Family membership includes 2 adults and 2 youth memberships
  • Youth/Student Membership – Youth includes ages 18 and under and students at post-secondary institutions with a valid student number
  • Super Membership – Inspired by our most generous non-profit donors, Super Members will receive a personalized thank-you package that will include limited-edition goodies







What does being a Member mean?

The NSMBA is a voice for the mountain biking community of the North Shore. We protect and maintain the trails as environmental leaders, focused on sustainability through education & action. We develop trail networks that provide challenge and progression while fostering mountain bike culture and a community that embraces our sport as a positive force.

Joining the NSMBA as a member means that you are directly supporting the work that keeps the trails of the North Shore open for all and forever.


Your membership dues enable the NSMBA to:

  • Engage proactively with Land Managers and other stakeholders to ensure their continued support and investment in the trail network.
  • Pay professional trail Builders to lead maintenance projects and trail days, ensuring the trails remain open, safe, sustainable, and FUN!
  • Purchase materials, tools, and equipment for our, Builders and volunteers to use for regular maintenance, projects, and trail days
  • Purchase insurance that allows the NSMBA to conduct yearly operations (e.g. regular trail maintenance), trail days and activities for our members (e.g. Fivers)

Your membership dues also give you:

  • Voting rights for the Board of Directors elections at our Annual General Meeting hosted in late November
  • Insurance for participation in NSMBA events such as the Fivers.
  • Give you free or discounted admission to NSMBA and other bike-related events

Without the support of our members, the North Shore trails you love would be in terrible condition, if not completely closed. We support local trail builders, hold awesome events, and work with landowners to ensure you have access to trails.

Are you interested in seeing our current network of trails maintained while continuing to look at opportunities for new trails in the future? Get involved!

Member Portal

You membership gives you access to your own member account and portal.

Access it here:

How long is a membership good for?

Your NSMBA membership is valid until the day of purchase of the following year. So if a membership was purchased on January 12, 2021 it will be valid until January 12, 2022.

How does the NSMBA manage memberships?

We use Membership365 to manage our memberships. Have a question? Check out the FAQ:

Trail Boosts
Trail Boost are considered a donation to the trails where 100% of the funds directly support the work of our Trail Crew and Builders.

Consider buying a Trail Boost If you are from out of town, riding, running and/or hiking for the weekend, becoming a member is just not for you right now, or you want to add an extra donation to the trails along with purchasing your membership.