Attending a Trail Day

What to Expect at a Trail Day:

– No previous experience working on trails is required!
– Trail Days typically run for 2-4 hours
– Each trail day is led by an experienced trail builder(s) who will explain what to do and oversee everything
– Every trail day will begin with a safety talk and overview of the work planned for the day
– Everyone will meet at the designated meeting spot and walk to the trail together, led by the trail builder(s)

What to Wear:

– Comfortable clothes that are appropriate for the weather and you don’t mind getting covered in dirt.
– Supportive, close-toed shoes
– Layers appropriate for the weather (jackets, extra gloves, hat/toque)

What to Bring:

– A backpack with water, snacks and waterproof outerwear in case the weather changes.
– Work/gardening gloves: due to COVID-19, we are not providing works glove at this time.
– Face mask: to be worn when arriving at the designated meeting spot and whenever 2 meters of physical distancing cannot be maintained.

COVID-19 Trail Day Protocols

– Trail Days will be limited to 10 people (ex. 9 volunteers and 1 builder)
– Upon arrival at the designated meeting location (at the start and end of each trail day) all volunteers and builders will be required to wear a face mask.
– Once the group disperse to the work site and physical distancing is achievable, face masks can be worn voluntarily.
– All volunteers and builders will maintain 2 meters of physical distancing between themselves and all trail users (If at any time physical distancing cannot be maintained, a face mask must be worn)
– Tools, signs and high touch surfaces will be sanitized before and after every trail day
– Volunteers will choose their tool(s) for the day once they have been sanitized. No sharing of tools will be permitted.

Sign up for a Trail Day:

To sign up for a trail day, please go to our calendar at The specific details on each trail day (which trail, how to sign up and where to meet etc.) will be detailed there.

To attend a trail day, every participant must have signed a waiver, and completed a quick Health questionnaire (see below).


Download, electronically sign and send to at least 1 day before the start of the trail day. You only need to sign and send in one Waiver for the year.

COVID-19 Health Questionnaire

Once you have signed up for a trail day, you will be sent an online form to fill out one day before the trail day.
It is a very short questionnaire meant to ensure the health and safety of all those attending and, unlike the waiver, you will need to fill out a form for each specific trail day you attend.