Attending a Trail Day

How to prepare for a trail day

To ensure you have an enjoyable trail day, please follow our guide on what to wear and what to bring

What to wear

– Comfortable clothes that can get dirty and are appropriate for the weather.
– Supportive, close-toed shoes
– Layers appropriate for the weather (jackets, extra gloves, hat/toque)
– Hats or t-shirts with your company logo. (This can be a great photo op and a way to generate content that shows your group giving back to the community)

What to bring

– A backpack with water, snacks and waterproof outwear for in case the weather changes.
– A good camera and someone who knows how to use it can ensure you have some images for posterity, or to post on social media.
– We also provide work gloves, but you are welcome to bring your own.


Print / sign / bring with you for the Trail Day.  The builders will have extra paper copies for everyone to sign, but getting this done beforehand is more time-efficient.