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At NSMBA, we recognize that in the natural world everything works in collaboration. One is not better than the other and many species are in such deep connection and coordination that they need each other for survival. Our partnership packages are designed to symbolize this collaboration. Whether you are a Cedar or Lichen partner, NSMBA and the trails need and appreciate your support. We thrive not individually, but together.

Additional funding provided by: District of North Vancouver and District of West Vancouver, BC Gaming Grant and Canada Summer Jobs.

If you are interested in also volunteering your organization’s time, consider the Trail Adoption Plan for another way to support the NSMBA.

Become a Partner

> $50,000

The magnificent Western Red Cedar is perhaps the most important plant to the Salish people. Plant fossils show that a tree like Red Cedar has been growing around the northwest for as long as 50
million years. The Cedar tree is also anti-fungal and provides a solid resource for building legendary wood features on the North Shore.

The CEDAR partnership is NSMBA’s most coveted opportunity to collaborate, engage and customize. With top-level promotional offerings, a customized social/IRL campaign, the most popular trails up for adoption, the biggest event opportunities, and access to all customizable options.

Trail Adoption Program* your funds help sustain and maintain the North Shore trail network in your organization’s name. 10 trail days.


$49,999 – $20,000

Healthy soil provides a foundation for the forest to grow in. Not only does it provide nutrients for plants and animals to thrive on, but it is a key resource for building trails. Many folks know that good soil is recognized as “gold” in our industry.

The SOIL partnership is one of NSMBA’s most collaborative options with opportunities for custom events, promotions and engagement with the community. Dedicated space for owning busy trails. Like healthy soil, this partnership provides a foundation for the community and trail network.

Trail Adoption Program* your funds help sustain and maintain the North Shore trail network in your organization’s name. 8 trail days.


$19,999 – $7,500

The Coastal Mountains are mainly made up of granite. Granite is the most abundant rock in the continental crust and is exposed in many mountain ranges including the ones on the North Shore. It is a huge contributor when trail building as it holds the soil in place and provides a solid foundation for many trails.

The GRANITE partnership has the opportunity to support our trails in full force. Granite partnership offers marketing opportunities, helps fund staff wages and acknowledges the importance of a thriving community on the shore.

Trail Adoption Program* your funds help sustain and maintain the North Shore trail network in your organization’s name. 6 trail days.


$7,500 – $4,000

Fungi are an important part of soil biodiversity, and this diverse group of organisms can help tackle global challenges. These beautiful species support the carbon cycle, human health, soil and plant health and environmental protection. Without them, the forest would not survive.

The FUNGI partnership allows NSMBA to keep our trail maintenance operations flowing while adding extra perks with marketing and community.

Trail Adoption Program* your funds help sustain and maintain the North Shore trail network in your organization’s name. 4 trail days.


$3,999- $1,000

Ferns play a major role in the forest including filtering toxins, providing shelter for small animals, offering food and they make a vibrant addition to every trail. Ferns make the trails and the forest come alive!

The FERN Partnership recognizes the need for connection, and keeping the NSMBA trail crew going. Like a fern, this partnership supports trails and adds vibrancy to the forest.


< $1,000 

Lichen is the Swiss army knife of the forest. Not only is lichen a food source for many species, but birds use it to build nests and it is a key indicator of a healthy forest. It also protects trees and rocks from extreme elements such as rain, wind, and snow which are prominent on the North Shore.

The LICHEN Partnership supports the trails and recognizes the importance of community, sustainability and maintenance. Like lichen, these partners are important for forest and trail health.

Each Fiver is sponsored by a local business. There is a sponsorship fee and expectation to organize and host an apres for all Fiver participants and volunteers.

As a sponsor, you will be an integral part of an awesome community event and receive:

• Acknowledgement as the title sponsor in all communications.
• Exposure on the NSMBA social media channels, e-news & website
• Name, logo and website listed on the Fiver website
• 4 NSMBA memberships
• 4 guaranteed entries into a Fiver (2 weeks notice before each Fiver)
• Name on Trailforks route


Are financial contributions not in your budget? Here are a few other options. We’re also open to your ideas, so let’s connect.

We’re always looking for in-kind donations whether it be food/bev for events, entertainment or product donations for raffles and giveaways. We’re open to it all!

Be added to our preferred supplier list! We’re always looking for delicious food and beverage suppliers for events and trail-building days that align with our brand and community.

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Also Consider:

Trail Adoption Plan (TAP) – Adopt a North Shore trail

Trail DaysAsk us how you can help make NSMBA trail days happen – contact us at for available dates and locations

FIVER Events – Support the fivers and come be part of the fun

CRA Registered Charitable donation – tax-deductible

In-Kind donations – Products that can be used to encourage membership and fundraising for the NSMBA. Contact