NSMBA Builders

Sometime seen, sometimes not, the builders are always working hard to keep the trails safe and fun for everyone!

The Shore wouldn’t be what it is without them so be sure to give them a thank you whenever you come across them up in the mountains!

Current NSMBA Builders 

ordered alphabetically by first names

Andy Fisher
Brent Hillier
Caleb Holonko
Cheryl Moore
Chris Connor
Chris White
Cynthia Young
Damian Mckevitt
Daniel Lui
Daniel Shaw
Dave Clendenan
David Bayley
Dodge Lancaster
Gordon McNaughton
Isabelle Deguise
Jaclyn Delacroix
Joe Woywitka
Ken Bigelow
Marcus VanHeyst
Martin Newman
Michael Stormer
Oscar Nielson
Owen Clendenan
Pat Podolski
Penny Deck
Peter Morin
Rob Donovan
Sarah Brassil
Sarah Mcleod
Sean Brassil
Sean Gerke
Sven Luebke
Thomas Jouet-Pastre
Todd “Digger” Fiander
Tom Ferenc
Tom Hudson
Trevor Hansen
Vince Beasse

What does being a “Builder” mean? 

Every trail has 1-4 people (typically 2) who are responsible for the maintenance of said trail, make decisions on what work needs to be done during the year, controls the vision and character of the trail and leads trail days.

For example, for the trail “Imonator” on Fromme we receive a work permit from the land manager (in this case the DNV) every year that lists the people who are specifically responsible for its care and also includes the approved assessment and work plan for the year. Click here to learn more about the annual assessment and permitting process. 

So “Builders” refer to the people who are specifically listed in the work permits we get from the land manager each year, giving them (and the NSMBA as a collective entity) the permission/ability to work on the trail.

All of the builders have years of experience in trail building, maintenance and current trail standards and most of the work that they do throughout the year is all volunteer.

If you see them out on the trails, be sure to say hi!

Send us an email at info@nsmba.ca if you have any questions!