Mathew Bond

How will you work to acheive the current vision and mission of the NSMBA?

Our vision and mission statement provide clarity to all directors, volunteers and members of the NSMBA. As the President, I will evaluate all programs and activities undertaken by the NSMBA, and direct our resources towards those that most effectively contribute to our long term goals.

List one threat and one opportunity you see for the NSMBA in the near future? What will you do to mitigate that threat and realize that opportunity on behalf of the organization?

Volunteer turnover and director burnout is always a threat, as the NSMBA loses knowledge, skills, or expertise every time a volunteer moves on. An opportunity is the changing attitude of governments towards funding trail construction and maintenance.

I have strived to ensure that volunteering for the NSMBA is a fun and rewarding experience by matching the needs of the organization with the skills and interests of volunteers. Systems and supports are needed to minimize the number of volunteers that move on or burn out because of heavy workloads. I will initiate the ongoing documentation of organizational knowledge, and create processes for our programs and activities. This will allow all volunteers to benefit from the efforts of those that came before them, and stop having to recreate the wheel every couple of years.

I fully support a full time, paid position for the NSMBA to manage our most intensive programs and provide support to the board of directors.

I will actively engage with local and provincial governments to seek out funding opportunities for ongoing trail maintenance, new trail projects, and paid staff.

For the position you've applied for, please describe how you will develop and manage a team to accoplish the directives/goals of your department.

Since 2008, I have worked tirelessly to develop a strong and dedicated board of directors that focuses on teamwork, engagement, and getting things done. I will continue to facilitate and support the board, and seek out highly skilled and motivated directors and volunteers when organizational needs arise.

This year, I want to focus strongly on succession to ensure that the next generation of NSMBA directors is as dedicated and effective as the current one.

Another of my goals for this year is to actively engage with the other MTB and trail groups around the Province, study what they've done well, and learn how the NSMBA can improve.

Illustrate why you are capable and qualified to lead our organization in the coming years.

I plan 2012 to be my last year as President of the NSMBA. I have brought this organization from the brink of collapse in 2008 to what I feel is our most successful year in 2011. I plan to cement the success of the past 2 years into the fabric of the organization. When I step down at the end of 2012, the NSMBA will be stronger then ever before and will continue to have increasing success in the years to come.