Andrew Hewitson

How will you work to achieve the current vision and mission of the NSMBA?

I will work to increase financing through both bike and non biking industry sponsorship.  By building new relationships and strengthening existing ones I hope to lay the foundation for long term sponsorship that will allow the NSMBA to continue to grow it's advocacy, events and trail programs.

List one threat and one opportunity you see for the NSMBA in the near future? What will you do to mitigate that threat and realize that opportunity on behalf of the organization?

One threat that I became aware of in the past year is donor burn out.  A lot has been asked over the years from some very giving members of the biking community.   It is important to seek out new sponsors that are willing to step up to fill the growing needs of the NSMBA instead of asking for more from the same traditional sources.   Only by branching out with new sponsors and renewing some old lost sponsors will the NSMBA be able to finance bigger projects and community events.

For the position you've applied for, please describe how you will develop and manage a team to accomplish the directives/goals of your department.

By assessing and inventorying current sponsorship contacts and evaluating upcoming sponsorship needs I will decide how to best utilize available sponsorship volunteers.  Ideally volunteers will be available to contact businesses targeted for specific event or program needs with which we have established relations.

Illustrate why you are capable and qualified to lead our organization in the coming years.

My involvement over the past year with the Gear Swap, the Toonies, 100 years of BC Parks and other events has already given me a solid knowledge base of current sponsors and upcoming sponsorship needs. My background in sales and account management lends well to this role.  I am aware of the work the current directors put into making 2011 a banner year.  I am willing to  commit the time and energy to see 2012 surpass the success seen this year.