Aimee Dunn

How will you work to achieve the current vision and mission of the NSMBA?

I hope to be the key individual in guiding potential volunteers to their area of interest while working with event leaders in fulfilling their volunteer needs.

List one threat and one opportunity you see for the NSMBA in the near future? What will you do to mitigate that threat and realize that opportunity on behalf of the organization?

One threat is a lack of people to help fulfill the vision of sustainable trails for everyone.  I hope to keep volunteers roles and tasks fun, manageable and meaningful so they stay interested and enthusiastic in being involved.

For the position you've applied for, please describe how you will develop and manage a team to accomplish the directives/goals of your department.

I will specifically divide up tasks and empower individuals in their areas to succeed with manageable amounts of work.

Illustrate why you are capable and qualified to lead our organization in the coming years.

I have been a volunteer coordinator for events within the mountain biking community for many years including the North Shore Ripper series, Gear Swap and North Shore Bike Fest.  I am a known name and face within the awesome volunteer network we have and feel recognition and a proper balance of work and play is key for volunteer retention.