On Sept 22nd, builders and adopters got together to celebrate our accomplishments this year with the Trail Adoption Plan.
It was a perfect evening for late September.  Tiki torches were burning on Ryders rooftop patio and the music was pumping!
Tribes gathered round the fire pit, cold beers were cracked and stories shared under the stars.
The big highlight of the evening were the videos created to tell our tale.
Keep checking the NSMBA Vimeo site as we slowly upload the videos.
You can find all of the photos of the TAP Party here.  Thank you to Morgan Taylor from nsmb.com for snapping photos.
There are many people to thank for the efforts to make TAP such a success.  
For all of you who have contributed in some way, you deserve thanks for making the Shore a better place.

Please read on for photos and the rest of the story…

Evening Address:
First of all, a big THANK YOU! Goes out to:
Ryder’s – party Venue Brent Martin
Okanagan Springs – Matt Roth
Save On Foods in Lynn Valley
Dorothy, Laura, Maya & Veronica for an incredible spread of food 
Chris Barker & Sven Luebke for party set up
Andy Buxton on sound & Lights
Dan Lui computer tech & a/v
Thank you to MEC & Race Face for gifts for the Builders.
Tonight, we’re here to CELEBRATE.
We’re here to celebrate us and the good work we are doing.
Things are looking great! In fact, things have never looked better!
The food was incredible thanks to Save On Foods in Lynn Valley and Dorothy, Laura, Maya & Veronica!
Lots of happiness and positive vibes!
Collectively, we’ve put in a ton of work over the past two years.
This year, we are on target to complete 80 trail days.  
That’s HUGE! In 2011 we held 42 trail days.  
Good peeps all round!
It hasn’t been easy.
Working on trails is not easy work.  But you become strong for it.
We’ve all been out in the cold rain, shovelling dirt, moving rocks.
We’ve all put in our time.  We’ve all put in the effort. 
We put our shovel where our mouth is.  
Arc'teryx in the House!
As challenging as the work is, it is incredibly rewarding when you see your progress, taking pride in what you’ve done, when you see how much better it has become, what your hands have created. 
 “Many hands make light work.”
Collectively, your hands are embarking on what is quite probably the world’s largest trail restoration project.  
What we are doing here is getting a lot of attention.  Be proud of our success.  We are being asked to help other associations to get their own TAP program up and running.  In fact, we are about to share TAP with the WORLD!
We have been asked to present as a key note speaker at the IMBA World Summit in Sante Fe this October. 
As great as this is, we began this journey here on the Shore, and the Shore is where our heart is.  I know everyone here in the room cares about these mountains where we live.  And that is what unites us tonight.
The Dream Team, Chillin by the fire.
There are many people to thank tonight.  
First of all, I’d like to thank all of the Adopters who were with us from the start, who saw the vision and welcomed the chance to be a part:
Steed Cycles & Giant Bicycles, Different Bikes & NSRide, Rocky Mountain Bicycles, Bank of Montreal, nsmb.com & SRAM, MEC, Ryders & the Muddbunnies.
You have to start somewhere, otherwise you’ll be nowhere: thanks for taking the first step together.
Welcome to all of you who joined us this year, making us an indomitable force:
Arc'teryx, Deloitte, Dizzy Cycles, BC Bike Race & Adera, Dunbar Cycles, North Shore Bike Shop, John Henry Bikes, Endless Biking, Cove Bikes & Okanagan Springs, and Joystick Bicycle Components.
That makes for a total of 23 armies working to revitalize 19 trails this year.  
Already there is tremendous interest in the community to expand for 2013.
Thank you to all of you who have adopted a trail this year.
BMO in the house!
Leading your efforts are the Builder’s.  Without you the Plan would still be just a dream.  I’m proud to say this year we have 16 Build Leaders.  They are passionate about what they do, and they have the vision to lead each Adoption.  Each of these guys goes beyond their call of duty, going in early, leaving late.  It takes a special kind of person to lead.
I’d like to recognize each of our Build Leader’s, and MEC & Race Face each have a special gift for each of you.
Digger – Peter Morrin – Chris Barker – Pat Podolski -Peter O'Loughlin – Jerry Willows – Matt Preston – Earl Allen -Sven Luebke – Sean Gerke
Daniel Lui – Darryl Marlatt – Chris Glew – Stuart Kerr – Mark Wood
The Builders. Gas, stoked and ready to go!
Tonight, I would also like to recognize the cooperation and support of the Land Managers: BC Parks (container), DNV (tools & container), Metro Vancouver.
Your efforts are furthering our position with the LMs and opening doors for the sport.  
I would also like to thank TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for their financial support of TAP.
TAP has begun to move on its own momentum, and now that the wheel’s are turning, that momentum seems unstoppable.
We all understand our individual stories, what work we’re doing on each of our trails.  Collectively we are making a MASSIVE impact. We’re doing this together.
Well, maybe things have looked better, but you can't deny we're having a good time doing it!