The 2014 Metro work plan has been officially released.  

This will affect trails in the LSCR.

From Metro Vancouver:
" We understand the desire for a variety of riding experiences on the North Shore including expert level lines. We are actively working with the other North Shore land managers and the mountain bike community to achieve this within the confines of a legacy of degraded trails and our management plans.
We have developed a 2014 work plan as per below:
LSCR staff will be undertaking trail maintenance on the following trails over the next 4 months. CBC ,Circuit 8,Baden Powell Trail (section down to pipe bridge near Riverside Drive),Baden Powell Trail (Bridle up to power line),Dog Mountain Trail, Bottle Top, Forever After, Bridle Trail, Mystery Creek Trail, Fisherman’s Trail, Greenland, TNT, Dales, HSL, Corkscrew and Neds. May to Aug
Wills’ Way
Trail has been decommissioned to bikes. HSL has provided a successful alternative.
Lola has many safety, environmental and liability concerns that cannot be mitigated. Decommissioning  this trail is part of our 2014  work plan. May /June
Dirty Diapers and Lumpy Gravy
These two trails have many safety, environmental and liability concerns that cannot be mitigated, we will be assessing alternative access to Cambodia which may include using and /or decommissioning portions and/or entire sections of these trails over 2014/2015 as the alternate route is established. May to Sept
Dale’s Trail
Dales Trail has been adopted by the TAP program for 2014 and in going through the work plan with TAP we have had adjust a piece of the plan. Riders over the years have created a ride around on one of the cliff faces and we are going to make a permanent ride around, this will also be the only trail. We are attempting to ensure that a mature fir tree growing on the face is not impacted further and we are not able to accept the safety issues associated with the original line. We have discussed with the adopter and NSMBA. LSCR staff will take on the re route. May to Aug
2015 Trail Maintenance Plan
Metro will be working on a 2015 maintenance plan that will address a large majority of the Seymour trails in the LSCR . The goal will be to bring the trails to a sustainable standard, initiate a annual maintenance plan, that incorporates annual budget, LSCR crews and volunteer organizations this will help coordinate work and priorities. Until the trails have been brought up to a sustainable standard, we will not be entertaining new trail development. 
Cabin Trail
NSMBA is looking at getting an engineered drawing for a potential bridge on Cabin Trail, depending on scope and budget LSCR will initiate in 2015.
An inventory of structures and environmental issues will be completed in 2014 and Ned’s will be a focus for trail maintenance in the 2015 maintenance plan. Aug to Oct. "
The NSMBA has voiced objection to the decommissioning of the Dale`s rock face, citing the need for expert level marquee features on the Shore, both natural and man made. 
We have also voiced the need of trail entry into Cambodia with the removal of Lola and the work plan to decommissioning portions and or entire sections of Lumpy Gravy and Dirty Diapers.
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