Yes it's time for the 2014 Toonies, time to get out and have some fun on the trails. We're back with the Enduro format that everyone loved last year.

Never done an Enduro? You keep hearing all about it, time you came out and gave it a try. Our Toonie Enduro's have three timed stages and the transfers are un-timed. The transfers are generally the climbing, the good part about this is you get to chat with your friends or make new friends on the transfers.

We don't pick the hardest trails and if there is an alternavtive line around a challenging feature the course generally goes around the feature. Riders of a broad range of ability all have fun. 


Start time is 5:45pm to 6:45pm. This gives people time to spread out on the course, or not worry about being stuck in traffic on the bridge and missing the start. Each week we will update the start location here on the website and we'll create a facebook event page.

Courses will be released on Tuesdays for the Thursday night events. We ask that people not obsess about pre-riding and studying the courses. Our goal is a fun laid back series where times and places are secondary to just getting out and riding.

Each night post race we'll have an apres thanks to our amazing sponsors.

All of this for just a Toonie. Well actually it's more than a Toonie because you need to be a member of the NSMBA to participate.

So sign up HERE to become a member and come out to support the NSMBA.

This year we have also added a pre-registration option for the whole Sereies. Sign up once now and all 8 events fro $16 and you won't need to remember to bring a Toonie each week. 

Sign up HERE.