Our largest annual fundraiser happened last Sunday April 26th. And it was yet another big success! After a Friday evening and Saturday morning of taking gear in, we had collected a great assortment of pre-loved gear and bikes. A couple people were one day off and showed up Saturday, as it was the first time we hosted the swap on a different day. But Sunday morning came around without the prospected rain, and a nice line up with members who were allowed to shop half an hour before non-members.

After the morning rush, a steady stream of visitors kept coming through. It made for a lovely day at Jaycee House, where lots of amazing deals were to be had. We were impressed by the quality of the product this year!

We are pleased to tell you that over 45 bikes sold! We also had a great amount people leaving with memberships, trail passes, NSMBA branded socks and raffle tickets! After expenses, we are extremely happy to let you know we made about $6000! Attics are cleaned up, sheds are stocked again and the NSMBA will be working on more fine trail projects.

And now for the best part of this little write up of yet another successful NSMBA event: it could not, and would not have happened without the help of our amazing volunteers!!!

Andrew H, Vadim, Janet, Dorothy, Sven, Michael, Roberto, Ashley, Rick, Darryl, Judy, Emanuel, Thomas, Julia, David, Steven, Clayton, Jeff, Kyle, Jason, Tim, Laurie, Andrew D, Kara, Evan, Alex, Ben, Marc, Mark, William, Chris, Ken, Steve, Martin, Spencer, Quinn, Kevin, Jeff, Nick and the Knolly Racing Team and all of the NSMBA directors!

Special thank you to Andrew Szendrey and Simon Fraser University for providing the Mac Mini’s and tech support; Telus for the internet and TD for the bank machines.

See you next year for more pre-loved gear!

The NSMBA is proud to announce the upcoming 2015 Gear Swap!

This is a great opportunity to clear out your closet, garage, or basement and also pick up some great deals on new and lightly used bikes and gear. You will find Mountain, Road and BMX bikes and gear at the NSMBA Bike Swap.

When is it:

Sunday, April 26th 10am – 4pm

Where is it:

Jaycee House, located at 1251 Lillooet Road in North Vancouver.

Seller Gear Drop Off

Friday April 24th 6pm-10pm, Saturday April 25th 10am-2pm.
The prize of a tag per item is $2. The NSMBA will take 15% commission on items sold, with a cap of $200.
If you have over 20 items please contact sieneke@nsmba.ca to get tags delivered in advance.

Interested in Volunteering for the event? Read Here!

A great donation opportunity for sellers!
North Shore rider Warren Bruce is getting kids riding in La Ventana / El Sargento, Baja. Any unsold / unwanted / unloved gear would be appreciated for the Bikes for Baja program.

Check out their facebook page: Jinetes del Desierto https://www.facebook.com/groups/454248147981442/