The NSMBA would like to recognize and thank our team of hard working builders.

The NSMBA team of builders are experienced professionals trained to achieve the highest quality of trail building possible while remaining dedicated to a duty of care. Through the Trail Adoption Program (TAP), our builders lead volunteer community groups to make sustainable improvements that respect the environment. The NSMBA meets on site with the Land Manager(s) to engage in a collaborative process to create a trail plan for each trail that will adhere to current best management practices.


Todd Fiander
Patrick Podolski
Martin Newman
Peter Morin
Andrew Teit
Brent Hillier
Sean Gerke
Sven Luebke
Daniel Lui
Earl Allen
Penny Deck
Martin Newman
Trevor Hansen
Tomislav Ferenc
Tom Hudson
Gordon McNaughton
Michael Stormer
Jorn Dettmer
Randy Konrad
Mark Wood