Where is spring? Is it ever going to come? Hopefully it arrives before the first Fiver of 2017.

It’s getting close to Fiver season. Are you ready for the 2017 Fiver World Series?

We’re trying to get ready. That is what this post is about, getting things dialled for another great season of events. For 2017 we’re looking to pull in some more volunteers to help make things run smooth.


Do you want to volunteer? Do you know someone that might want to volunteer?

We need help with the following:

-Course flagging on the Wednesday night before the Fiver.

-Sign in


-Course marshals

-First Aid

-Course sweep


Okay you’ve read this far now let’s share the dates of the events for 2017.

April 27th, Thursday – Fromme

May 11th, Thursday – Seymour

May 25th, Thursday – Seymour

June 8th, Thursday – Fromme

June 22nd, Thursday – Fromme

July 6th, Thursday – Seymour

July 20th, Thursday – Seymour

August 3rd, Thursday – Fromme


If you can commit to help out on some or all of the dates I would love to hear from you. The past seasons I have handled almost all of the Wednesday night course marking myself (big thanks to the guys that have helped) and the Thursday night sign in. This season that isn’t going to be possible, so to make these happen we’re going to need some help.

Please email brian@nsmba.ca if you can help out. It doesn’t hurt to twist a friends arm if you think they might actually enjoy helping so please share this post.


Brian & Maya