The Fromme Fondo arrives again on Saturday, September 3rd!
The goal is simple; ride as many different sanctioned trails as possible on Fromme in a single ride! Join the virtual challenge and log your ride on Trailforks (or sync your ride from Strava) to unlock the badge and get on the leaderboard!

To complete the challenge and earn the Trailforks badge, ride at least 10 different Fromme trails. Remember though, the more trails you ride, the higher you’ll rank on the leaderboard! Not sure what a Trailforks badge is? Click here to find out!

If you have logged your ride and Trailforks is not picking up that you rode a certain trail(s), you can correct it by following the steps in this video:

Looking to up the stakes a bit more? Support your local builders and advocates by getting your friends and family to pledge to donate a certain $ amount for every unique trail you ride (ex. $2 per trail)! The more trails your ride, the more gets donated to the NSMBA! Pledging is entirely optional, but the builders, trails and community appreciate your support! Once the event is completed, just let your supporters know your Fromme Fondo results and donations can be made on our website under our donations page: 

Happy Fromme Fondo 2022!

All Trailforks Badge details here:

2022 Fromme Fondo Leaderboard:

Be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram and twitter using the hashtag #frommefondo and we will share your photos throughout the day.

Please note that this is not a formal group ride/race and riders may start and end wherever and whenever they choose as long as all park and gate closure times are respected.