Re-Route is now open!

Thank you to our Volunteers for completing the re-route!

Cutting through the log at the entrance to the reroute. Using cedar as a crib, rocking up against the cedar, then transfer gold dirt to complete. Duff that was removed was placed behind the cedar support. Bench cutting the entrance.

The area after the bridge structure. Plants removed and stored for later. Large cedar placed against tree at lower end, deadman used at center for support. Rocks piled against cedar, then gold dirt. Shaped , packed, shaped , packed, you get the idea… !

Water Towers Connector 

Thank you to our Youth Camps for all their hard work! 

Created rock retaining wall, back-filled with medium rock, topped with smaller rock and gravel. Planted ferns to prevent hikers from walking next to the trail.

Upper Griffen

Added additional dirt to the berm built last year, added a grade reversal, removed some rocks, added some more dirt!!

Lower Digger

TAP Sponsor: Traction on Demand

Added mineral soil to fill the hole beside the log, sprayed water due to the soil dryness, tamped, added more, sprayed, tamped, added more, sprayed and tamped.