Awesome work on Saturday! Another 20 m of fun, flowy trail built plus enough logs were brought in to get almost all the way to the bridge. The end is in sight!


We can't believe the amount of crush put on the new section of trail, especially with just 2 wheelbarrows. It just shows you how much a few motivated people can achieve. Way to go!

A huge thanks to Alan and the to the 14 volunteers that helped out. Thanks also to Cynthia and Different Bikes WVAN for the tasty lunch and refreshments and to Andrew and Bean Around The World at Lonsdale Quay for the coffee we enjoyed all day long. Thanks especially to Matt Preston for his guidance, support and hard work. This project wouldn't have been possible without him.

Thanks also go to Alex of West Van Parks for cutting the logs to a manageable size and helping carry in so many of them. Both Alex and Corrine were impressed by the amount of work done and the quality of the trail.

There will be a few small follow-up work sessions to assemble cribbing and crush hauling as time allows. An NSMBA wheelbarrow is locked along the trail. Contact if you want to know where to key is hidden to haul in some crush.