UPDATE – Through a lot of hard work and dedication we are happy to announce that we are very close to completing the trail upgrades needed for the adaptive loop. All that is left is for the District of North Vancouver (DNV) to replace a bridge on Bridle Path and for the NSMBA crew to redo the bridge approaches and two small re-routes to make it completely aMTB accessible. Stay tuned for the aMTB GRAND OPENING party date!

The bridge replacement is proposed to be completed sometime during August/September 2019 by the DNV. The trails will remain open throughout the bridge construction. A huge thank you to the supporters, sponsors, and everybody who donated and made this a reality, we could not have gotten here without such a generous community.

In 2018 the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA) began work to create an “all access trail loop” by upgrading three existing multi-use trails on Mount Seymour in North Vancouver to create a fun, inclusive mountain bike experience for individuals who use adaptive mountain bikes (aMTBs). The loop incorporates three existing trails: Old Buck to Bridle Path, Bridle Path to Empress Bypass, and Empress Bypass descent. View the “Trails for All” Seymour accessible loop on Trailforks.

Through this project, the NSMBA helped increase the opportunities for outdoor recreation for people with mobility challenges. The work sought to create a trail network that meets the ever-increasing demand for adaptive outdoor recreation experiences (an example of this demand is the over 1000 waitlist of Whistler’s adaptive skiing program, and comments submitted in our own annual survey) and ensure that all users feel welcome on the trails.

While creating a loop for users of adaptive mountain bikes was the core goal of this project, the trail changes and improvements we implemented were also designed to enhance the riding enjoyment for youth, families, and less experienced mountain bikers. Hikers, trail runners, and dog walkers also benefit as our work included the twinning of the downhill section of the loop to include a path for foot traffic only, enabling all trail users to enjoy this shared resource safely.

As the North Shore trail networks continue to gain more accessible options for all trail users, the result will be an even more outdoor recreation centered community, fostering healthy lifestyles and stewardship of our shared areas.

The upgrades to the trails align with the Province of BC’s Accessibility 2024 Action Plan and increases accessibility to trail users of all ages and skill levels. Increasing opportunities for outdoor recreation for individuals with disabilities increase the inclusiveness of our community, one of the key building blocks for accessibility identified in the Plan.

The loop is situated near existing parking and other trailhead facilities. Recommendations to the Land Managers included adding an accessible parking space and upgrading washroom facilities to accommodate those with different abilities. These upgrades will help reduce barriers to participation.

The Seymour aMTB loop falls within the jurisdiction of BC Parks and the District of North Vancouver. The NSMBA has permission from both Land Managers to perform regular ongoing maintenance on each of the three trails within the loop: Old Buck, Bridle Path, and Empress Bypass. Additional authorization for trail upgrades within Mount Seymour Provincial Park has been provided by BC Parks.

Thank you for your generous support!

All donations made to fund this project, up to $10,000, were matched by

Project Funding:

$10,000 – Neptune Title Sponsorship of the Project
$15,000 – Public Donations
$10,000 – Finished Construction Sponsorship
$5,000   – BC Parks Park Enhancement Funding
$17,000 – BC Gaming Capital Project Grant
$57,000 : Total Funding

Project Expected Expense Details

$7,000 – Trail Construction – Empress Bypass (operator, flagger & first aid attendant)
$6,000 – Trail Upgrade – Bridle Path + Old Buck (operator, flagger & first aid attendant)
$8,000 – Machine Rental & Insurance
$1,800 – Fuel
$2,500 – Bridge Materials: Piping & hardware
$5,000 – Additional NSMBA Trail Crew wages for hand built sections of trail
$1,250 – NSMBA lead Volunteer Days
$1,000 – Administration pre/post project
$2,000 – Contingency Fund
Total Estimated Cost: $34,650

*We have significantly gone over our forecasted budget due to unforeseen trail construction difficulties. Keep checking back for our updated expense details.

Additional funding beyond the estimated costs will be forwarded towards unforeseen expenses, continuous maintenance of the loop upon completion, support the upgrading of facilities and signage for the community.

Your support can also be shown by emailing or completing the comments/suggestions page on BC Parks and the District of North Vancouver websites. Please thank them for their support of the project and offer encouragement to make more opportunities for accessible mountain bike experiences available on the North Shore.

BC Parks

District of North Vancouver

DNV Emails: council@dnv.org & infoweb@dnv.org please also include us info@nsmba.ca

Progress photos

Letters of Support:

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.