APRIL Trail Update

Via our Builder Work Reports




 Thanks to all of our builders and volunteers who put in some awesome work on the mountains this month.  So many great Trail Days so thank you to all of those that volunteered their time to give back to the trails. Keep an eye on our events calendar for some more upcoming trail days!

Check out below the work that our volunteers and builders have been up to this past month! All of this information is gathered from submitted work reports.

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Meat Sweats

TAP Sponsor: Fox Trail Trust

Women’s Only Dig Day (thanks to all that came out!!)

Despite the unwelcome snow, the group was able to handle general maintenance of drains, replenishing some soil on berms, raking debris off of some sections and reshaping of a berm near the top of Lower Meat Sweats. Despite the trail being mostly clear right after work was completed, it began to snow heavily when we went to take photos so it’s difficult to see the extent of the work completed, especially the raking of debris and some of the grade reversals that were added to enhance drainage in some areas.

Upper Griffen

Youth Trail Stewards

Lifted trail and re-establish drainage, Re-did grade reversal with better more long lasting rock work, added dirt to protect the roots.

Lower Expresso

TAP Sponsor: Sacre Davey

Fully establishing a ride-around line for the first wooden feature on the trail. Drainage was improved to divert water from running down the length of the alternate line, a corner was built up and shaped at the exit, and the whole ride around was shaped and surfaced with gold.

The trail surface was refreshed in a number of places where it had worn down due to braking zones or erosion. Some armouring was done in braking zones, and then gold was packed on top to build the trail surface back up.



Corkscrew coaster rebuild, as per proposal sent February 9. Scope of work increased somewhat due to rot discovered in standing components during initial cleanup of the broken structure.

All stringers were milled on site from the fallen tree. All uprights were also from the fallen tree, either milled or used round. Slats were primarily from the fallen tree as well, with a few also sourced from another approved log near the trailhead.

Refreshed dirt on exit/landing of the coaster. Note there is extra cedar remaining from the roller coaster which will be used to rebuild the adjacent bridge on the easier line.

Repaired erosion on the easier line around the coaster with rock armouring and a refresh of mineral soil.


Improved drainage on the inside corner where the easier line and roller coaster line diverge with the addition of a small cedar bridge to allow water from the ditch to cross the trail into the drain. Drain and ditch were cleared out. Braid on more difficult line was closed and renaturalized.


TAP Sponsor: Mosaic

Cleared drains and trenches, swept/raked rubble from trailbed, added mineral soil to sections we worked on last year.

Added mineral soil to uphill grade before For the Kids intersection that needed trail bed enhancing.


Added mineral soil to opening turn and climb from St. Mary’s/Dempsey trailhead for some much needed trail bed enhancing.



TAP Sponsor: NSRide / Comor

Dug out ditch adjacent to trail on last corner of Section 1 (berms) and replenished the berm with mineral soil

Re-established grade reversals at top of Section 2 (just after the berms) and built up eroded section of trail with rocks as fill and surface with mineral soil. Added short new ditch to improve water management. Cleared drains in area too.


Meat Sweats

Major overhaul of the center section of Lower Meat Sweats.
The creek transfer take-off area was completely rebuilt, raised approx 8″, widened, and considerably overbuilt to improve safety and to last for many years.
The transfer landing was reworked with rock work and gold. The secondary landing was rocked in and gold dirt applied.

Below the transfer area a large culvert was installed. In front of the culvert is a new shark fin jump over the ditch.
This feature can also be rolled on the right side.

The run in area to the transfer creek gap was completely reworked. Rocks pulled out as needed, berms built, trail smoothed out.

Upper Griffen

Work Wednesday

Work Wednesday on upper Griffen, cleared drains, did some rock armouring and dirt work.

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