Bookwus – Fromme

TAP Sponsor: Ferrari Construction

Erosion had affected come sections of Bookwus so dirt and rocks were used throughout the trail to fill in some crucial areas and support the existing features and roots.


Bringing some more Fresh Cedar to Seymour.

Baden Powell (Expresso to Boundary) – Fromme

TAP Sponsor: Lululemon

Working on more re-routes as part of the multi-year revamping of the trail! Thank you to TAP Sponsor Lululemon and the Work Wednesday volunteers for giving some love to the Baden Powell this month!

Closing Braids, rock armouring and adding gold throughout the trail.

RT Connector – Seymour

The trail surface had eroded and exposed many roots and rocks, so the trail bed was replenished with mineral soil to re-align it to a green climb.

Parking Lot ConnectorFromme

Check out the new optional ride around on the connector from Griffen and King of the Shore to the Parking lot on Fromme.

Lower DiggerFromme

TAP Sponsor: Traction on Demand

Smoothing out some landings and fixing some berms with the crew and volunteers from TAP Sponsor Traction on Demand.

Floppy BunnyFromme

TAP Sponsor: Sombrio

Adding fresh dirt throughout the trail, clearing some drains and re-aligning lines. Thank you to the TAP sponsor Sombrio and the volunteers who joined us out on Floppy Bunny this month!

Natural High – Fromme

TAP Sponsor: Brent Nichols (RBC Wealth Management)

A new optional cedar feature/drop has arrived on Natural High!


TAP Sponsor: Mountain Equipment Company

Revamping some Berms close to the junction with Baden Powell with volunteers and the TAP Sponsor Mountain Equipment Company!

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