Thanks to funding from BC Hydro, work is underway to tackle projects from Expresso to Ladies Only on the Baden Powell Fromme. The work will take into account the significant changes in usership since the revitalization of Expresso.  Expresso experiences over 3000 uses/month and a whole new beginner/intermediate contigent now uses the BP to the yellow gates.  The work will focus to address erosion, heightened usership, erosion caused by the Kilmer Creek diversions, correcting existing hazards and minimizing grade where appropriate.


Woodwork on bike ramp is outsloped and needs new supports.  Kilmer Creek zone requires water management & 1 bridge will be constructed.



Tread creep needs addressed. Section of trail approaching Ladies Only is a creek bed with poor drainage and requires an intermediate bypass.


Section just east of Expresso is weeping bedrock and is an expert level climb.
Descending is slippery in wet for hikers and is a poor user experience.
Reroute to lessen grade and improve sustainability to accommodate changing usership.