The NSMBA would like to thank BC Hydro for recent grant funding to address erosion and sustainability issues on the Baden Powell.  This project will begin this month and build upon the work completed in 2013.  The area targetted will be from the exit of Expresso over to Big Stupid.  The NSMBA is currently developing a work plan in collaboration with the DNV.

Working together for a better community…



Climbing bridge is off camber and requires proper levelling and traction material.      Kilmer creek flow has been redirected and requires bridging in two areas.


A climbable bypass to be created on the right.



Erosion issues to be addressed throughout the trail with trail bed restoration and water dispersion.  The dynamic of ridership has dramatically changed with the realignment of Expresso.  Little work has been done on the Baden Powell in this area for many, many years while at the same time, a local individual has diverted Kilmer creek in several spots causing unnecessary erosion on the trail that needs to be addressed.