NSMBA Board of Directors Candidates

We are looking to fill eight positions on the Board of Directors for 2021 ( 4 vacant positions and 4 positions where the current Director is seeking re-election). Members will vote on who will become directors at the Annual General Meeting on November 26th. 

All candidates are posted below (ordered alphabetically by last name). Click the name or +/- icons to expand and shrink each profile.

Each member will be able to vote for up to 8 candidates. Voting will be done online so please click here for instructions. 

Michael Archer

Current Occupation?

Finance Manager

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

I have had significant experience in leadership positions in finance departments and live in this city primarily because of the quality of the trails we have access to. I believe that I can use my experience to help the organization grow and meet it’s objectives.

Employment and/or Volunteer History?

Currently Acting Finance Manager at BC Place. Previously Finance Manager for Public Outreach Consultancy.

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

I hold an accounting degree and have passed the final exam for CPA however still waiting for experience to be recognized to achieve designation. My previous role was for a company that was primarily involved in fundraising for non-profit organizations.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

Increasing inclusiveness for the sport and to help engage the large number of riders new to the sport that have been brought in by COVID lockdowns. Seeking to be part of an organization that encourages respect for all on the trails.

Colin Brumelle

Current Occupation?

Software Engineer / Business Owner / Father

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

I was born and raised in Vancouver, and have been riding on the shore since rigid forks, cantilever brakes and 26″ wheels were stylish. I spent ~10 years away, living in the San Francisco Bay Area for work, then moved back to Vancouver 2 years ago. I always knew the shore was a special place, but it was my time away that made me truly appreciate the amazing trails in our own backyard. Seeing first hand the challenging and legally precarious state of trail systems in California, made me realize the importance of strong advocacy and community building work. Moving back home has been phenomenal, and it is a joy to take my children (ages 7 and 11) down trails that I rode down as a kid.

In terms of qualities I possess that might be helpful as a director, I certainly ride my bike a lot, and love the local races like Fivers, Nimby, BCBR, and the like; However, I’m firmly in the enthusiastic ‘unprofessional athlete’ camp. As a software engineer, I’m good with technology, whether it’s wrangling code or getting marketing software to do the right thing. I’m also an investor in a few startups, breweries, and I have a decent network and fund raising experience. I’m old enough to understand the dance necessary to balance many stakeholder opinions, but I like to temper that with optimism about what can be accomplished.

Share with us your Employment and/or Volunteer History.

For employment, I’ve been a software engineer and business leader for most of my career. I’m currently running a small company called ChopShop (https://chopshop.co) that helps people and businesses make great video content. Before that I worked in San Francisco at Twitter (https://twitter.com) as a software engineer and then as an engineering manager, building the advertising platform, and taking the business from $0 to over $1B in revenue.

In terms of volunteering, one of my first volunteering experiences on a board was actually for NSMBA! I helped make one of the very early versions of the website back in 2000/2001. It looked something like this: https://web.archive.org/web/20031020214157/http://www.nsmba.bc.ca/goals.asp We’ve come a long way.

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

Some of my pertinent experiences include:
* hiring and managing a team of 20+ engineers while at Twitter
* overseeing and managing many concurrent projects while leading ChopShop
* organizing several conferences and events
* successfully fundraising money for many startups, including my own

I should note that I’m adapt and enthusiastic about wearing many hats and helping wherever I can, whether that’s fundraising, flagging a race course in the rain, or tweaking marketing copy.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

From the outside looking in, it certainly seems like the NSMBA is doing great, and my vision for the NSMBA in 2021 would really be to double down on what’s working and grow it. More members, more fund-raising for trail days, more inclusive programs to draw in new participants, increased outreach to schools to get kids hooked. Less Covid though.

Marcus Burgmann

Current Occupation?

Semi-retired, real estate development

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

I am German engineer and former senior business professional, who moved to Canada nearly 20 years ago. I am married with two now (almost) grown up children and I love living on the Northshore.

I am experienced in nearly all typical aspects of corporate business life. Technical and administrative matters, leadership, team and people management, strategic development, risk, project and performance management are all fields I am confidently familiar with.

Employment and/or Volunteer History?

Since 2018, after retiring from a 25+ year career in the marine industry in Germany, Denmark and Canada, I am now focusing on my family and on real estate development in Northern BC on a part time basis.

I am a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer by education and worked in various senior positions for one of the worldwide largest marine transportation companies (headquartered in Vancouver) for over 16 years.

This is my first endeavor into volunteering of any meaningful kind. After years of mainly focusing on road cycling I have discovered mountain biking a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. I would love to give back to the community and the NSMBA, who so generously provide their time to make the Northshore accessible to all of us.

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

I believe my broad range of business expertise and gathered hands-on experience may be useful in assisting the NSMBA serving its members and the community even better. Fort the first time in my life, I am in the privileged position of deciding about my own time, and couldn’t think of a better way of spending it than promoting the Northshore and mountain biking. I am quite happy to take on any task that the NSMBA has needs for.

I would appreciate the opportunity to help the NSMBA to pursue its vision and mandate.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

For all intents and purposes I am a newbie mountain biker. There are many trails on Mt. Fromme, which is my backyard and go-to play area, that I am not confident riding yet, but there is nothing quite as special as getting out in the early morning and riding through the wet forest. Most of the people I ride with regularly are old men just like me, and I cannot describe the joy we get out of roaming the trails. Our rides are genuinely special moments.
The fact is, though, that all of us had bad injuries over the years that could have been potentially career and fun ending. I have often wondered, as many of us age and don’t heal and recover as quickly anymore, if there is a way of making our trails accessible and enjoyable for all demographics in a different and creative way, and yet preserving the amazing history, ruggedness and technical demands that our trails are known for. As our society ages and we with it, I would love to see a broad variety of trails that allow all of us to get out and play whether it be young and fun loving riders like my son, or my buddies and I. To me the key is to get people out no matter what their risk appetite, technical ability, physical condition and age.

Ben Carr

Current Occupation?

Owner – Innovative Fitness North Vancouver

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

To the awesome people reading this application, thank you for taking the time to consider me for the NSMBA board.

I bring a pretty diverse and unique background with me. I am from the US originally, and grew up around the world. I’ve lived in Tanzania, Japan, Brazil, Costa Rica, USA and Canada. With this lifestyle came an appreciation and understanding for many different cultures, races, languages and ways of life. It is, in part, due to this experience that I am extremely passionate about equality and diversity in every aspect of how we function as a society. If I am to be considered as a member of this board I would be operating from this viewpoint and drive the organization to be as inclusive and equitable as possible.

I am a natural leader and a visionary. I love having ideas, working with a team to put them into reality and putting them into action. I am a resourceful problem solver, I love a good challenge, but most of all I love being a catalyst for growth in others. These are some of the reasons why I became a business owner.

As an entrepreneur you have to be decently well versed in everything that comes with running a business. I am strong enough in many areas but I know when something requires delegation or support. I don’t pretend to be good at everything I am confident. My biggest strengths are in sales and marketing, community building and engagement, hiring and empowering teams, and vision/strategy.

I am extremely passionate about outdoor adventure. I am a snowboarder, surfer, trekker and fitness expert. Relatively speaking, mountain biking is fairly new to me. I have been consistently riding for a few years now and I am totally hooked. I have quite a bit of experience leading and facilitating group adventures: some examples include, surf trips in Tofino and Costa Rica, numerous hikes and summits around BC, multi-day biking in the South Chilcotins, and various others.

More recently, I started a project called Bikes ‘N Beers. www.bikesnbeers.ca. The goal of this group is to connect passionate leaders though the love of riding. I want to bring the business community together by providing a new way to network and give back to the people who make our trails so amazing. It is also an opportunity to discuss important topics, share valuable experiences, and build our community.

Employment and/or Volunteer History?

2020 – Present: Bikes ‘N Beers – Founder (Volunteer)

2017 – Present: Innovative Fitness North Vancouver – Owner

2012 – 2017: Innovative Fitness Kitsilano – Professional Training Coach/Events Manager/Sales Manager/Corporate Sales/Studio Manager

2011 – 2012: Atlanta International School – Coach/Physical Education

2009 – 2011: Red Bull Canada – Brand Manager UBC

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.


I have been working in this capacity, to some degree, for the last 10 years, starting with my work with Red Bull. For the past 8 years with Innovative Fitness, we take a very grass roots, community-based approach to marketing. We have largely grown our community through word-of-mouth referrals stemming from our destination focused training, epic adventures and community activities that grow our reach. I paired this community approach with more traditional, strategic, social media and web campaigns which have resulted in our extremely successful start to our North Van operation.

Fundraising/Event Planning:

At Innovative Fitness we run a variety of fundraisers every year. Some examples are: IF Adventure Challenge, Train the Trainer, Golf Tournaments and more. I am well versed in selling sponsorships, planning these events, and working with teams to reach fundraising targets.

Stakeholder Enagement:

My business is all about engagement. The thing that sets IF apart from other training studios is the level of time and attention paid to the experience. I have been in the business of keeping people engaged for the last 8 years. Yes, people work with us because they want to achieve some kind of result but what keeps them engaged in that process is the experience! This is the intention behind Bikes ‘N Beers, to bring people together and give them an awesome experience that connects them more deeply to the community. When you are deeply connected to a community you tend not to want to leave it.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

I am told that the NSMBA has seen an increase in ridership on the north shore by 70% this year, which is staggering! That should mean a 70% increase in memberships and funds. If that is not happening, we need to create a massive increase in memberships in 2021 to keep up with the maintenance required to keep these trails at the highest possible standard. This means getting the NSMBA in front of new riders in a way that is meaningful and integrates them into the community.

What the NSMBA sells with it’s memberships is a sense of responsibility and ownership of the trails. It’s an amazing feeling, just being part of something that you believe in.

If every new rider felt like they belonged to a community that creates, builds, and maintains new beautiful places to ride it would create a far more substantial sense of community. It would be infectious and membership would grow along with ridership.

The North Shore mountain biking community is already world renowned. This year has been a test for all of us. I know NSMBA will rise to the occasion and take things to new heights.

The other part of the vision I have for NSMBA is making trails accessible to all! When we consider ridership, moving into 2021, we need to consider how we are creating welcoming, inclusive space for all communities. This is a big one to unpack but this needs this to be at the forefront of every decision a progressive organization makes. Which marginalized communities are we not reaching and how do we incorporate them into the growth of this community.

Thank you for reading and considering this application. You are awesome! I appreciate the opportunity.

Alex Davis

Current Occupation?

Group Product Manager at Mozilla (Firefox)

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

I’ve been living in North Vancouver for 2.5 years when I arrived from 3 years in California, and Montreal prior to that.

I relocated here because I was starting a new family and I wanted to be able to have work/life/family balance. The North Shore and its epic trails is what attracted me to the area above all else. I managed to get my Silicon Valley job to relocate me here so I could initially live on Braemar across from the tennis court climbing trail. (though I’ve moved since)

I’m out on the trails multiple times a week and I’ve been looking to give back to the community and get more involved in the mountain bike scene on the North Shore.

My passion for mountain biking goes back to 1997 when I purchased my first Kona mountain bike. I started racing in 1999 in the Quebec Cup when I was finally of age by the rules at the time. In 2002, I founded my own team and recruited riders to join. Together, it made it much easier for us to get sponsorship. We sold thousands of team t-shirts to fund our racing and promote our sponsors.

Share with us your Employment and/or Volunteer History.

I’ve been working full time for Mozilla (Firefox) for 5.5 years where I am a product manager and my focus has been on growing various business areas. I’m good with data/metrics, strategy and growing things.

Prior to working at Mozilla, I worked as a consultant with a few dozen ecommerces around the world to grow their sales via viral marketing and referrals.

I’ve been volunteering as a mentor for 2 years with Product BC. Arriving from 3 years in Silicon Valley, I thought I could help local tech companies by mentoring their business decision makers.

I’m currently a member of my strata council where I lead various projects to modernize our townhomes. I’m currently working on bringing in charging stations to our 123 homeowners.

I invite you to take a look at my full professional career history here:

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

I have a cumulative 15 years of experience in marketing, growing products and growing businesses in the technology sector. Prior to my career in technology, I mostly worked in sales where I’ve set sales records at at least two different companies.

On and off in my current role at Mozilla (owned by a non-profit), I also do my own project management where I coordinate dozens of stakeholders from around the world. This is not new to me because in most companies I’ve worked at before I did all of my own project management.

In my early career, I used to organize large music events and sponsor festivals which I would even stream online from remote locations to increase visibility globally for these events. I feel like some amount of this could be transferable to helping organize mountain bike events.

In a nutshell, I’m an outgoing guy that hopes to use his career skills in growing business and products in the software industry to help a non-profit that I admire a lot. I believe that I can help with fundraising, increasing memberships, improving online sales, organizing events and project managing.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

I’m not sure I have a vision for NSMBA yet but I’d really like to contribute to the following outcomes:
– record memberships
– increased online sales
– diversified revenues for more resilience
– events that are inclusive of all level of riders

Isabelle Deguise (incumbent) - Director of Advocacy

I started mountain biking over a decade ago when I moved to Vancouver from Ontario for grad school. Considering the major falls, bruises and tears that first year, it’s surprising it’s become such a big part of my life. But the community, the trails and the adrenaline rush just can’t be beat.

I moved to North Vancouver five years ago specifically to be closer to the mountains and now I use the trails on the North Shore almost every day to ride, run or walk my dog. I’ve been so impressed with the work the NSMBA has done over the past several years, I’ve decided to get more involved. My day job involves permitting and managing environmental aspects for the development, construction and operation of renewable energy projects in Western Canada, which involves a lot of regulatory work, government relations, stakeholder consultation and First Nation relationship building. 

Ross Dick-Cleland

Current Occupation?

General Manager, Retail

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

I bring a passion for mountain biking (but only average skills), a commitment to creating opportunities for everyone to play outside and a deep sense of responsibility to drive sustainable recreation, along with a love of being outdoors.

Share with us your Employment and/or Volunteer History.

Following my passion for good times with fun people I spent 15 years in the Hospitality sector in the UK with a variety of bar and restaurant companies. Since arriving in BC in 2012 I led the Guest Experience team at Rocky Mountaineer, spent some time as Director of Customer Experience with Trail Appliances, and am now GM at Canada’s largest new master planned community. If its about customer experience, team engagement and growing brands then I’m all over it. Volunteering has been focused on supporting my daughter through PACs and Field Hockey.

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

Looking at the ‘wish list’ I can tick the box for sales + marketing, stakeholder engagement, project management and event planning. Mountain biking on the Shore has been a big part of my life as recovery from Cancer over the last 5 years, and a critical part of my physical and mental well-being during COVID. Being part of the NSMBA team supporting our community in protecting and enhancing our trails would give me the opportunity to ensure everyone can benefit from this amazing place like I have. I also have an awesome trail dog who is way faster on the trails than me.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

Lets go with 2 versions dependent on COVID. If COVID is still significantly impacting life then the focus needs to be on welcoming all the new riders to our community, trail advocacy, trail maintenance and as much virtual connection as possible. Fingers crossed COVID is fading into the background, then its all of the above combined with a massive focus on social riding events to fully embrace the new riders, and to get everyone back enjoying the craic of riding hard and sharing stories / beers / laughs. Either way I’d love to be part of the team putting it together.

Katherine Enns

Current Occupation?

Controller at LightIntegra Technology

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

Hello, my name is Katherine Enns and these days I go by Kat. I have been an athlete for all of my adult life, but have only recently found mountain biking.

It all started with a university and (very short lived) national team rowing career. My competitive nature didn’t know what to do when that ended, so I took up triathlon, which lead to road racing, which has eventually brought me to the world of mountain bikes.

As you can imagine from my athletic history, I really like a challenge. I am also an incredibly driven individual, I am quick to learn, and my superpower is to get things done. My personal mantra is “always on a mission” and that remains true even when the mission of the day is to remember to slow down.

What I love most about my bike world is the community. I love making connections with those who love being outside as much as I do. I love the friends that started out just on bikes who have become the very fabric of my social existence. And I love the connections that continue to grow despite COVID-19, be it though online workouts, zoom happy hours, or going for walks. I love the connection.

Trails are just the connectors of the forest. They give us access to something we otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy, and I want to be on the team that helps to preserve that network. I think with my array of different experiences and overall work ethic, I will be a great team member to help make this happen.

Share with us your Employment and/or Volunteer History.

Alongside my rowing journey, I graduated from UBC with a BA in Fine Art. After that, I decided I wanted a more pragmatic option and I pursued my Diploma of Accounting from the Sauder School of Business. I then went on to complete my CPA designation with the public practice accounting firm, MNP. While with MNP I was able to worth with number of Non for Profit Organizations, experience I think could be of value to the NSMBA.

Knowing that audit and tax were not my true calling, once designated I then moved on to a small biotech start-up where I still am today. My current role as Controller consists of a huge variety of tasks. I complete all of our annual tax compliance, I manage all budgets, forecasts, bookkeeping, I do some grant writing, as well as manage the majority of HR. In addition, I am also tasked with preparing and presenting at all board meetings. This role has proven to me that I am comfortable taking on anything that gets thrown at me, and if I don’t know the answer to a question, I will go find it for you.

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

A Board of Directors is strongest when it consists of a variety of skillsets and individuals. Diversity is key. It is what allows for thoughtful decisions to be made that feature inclusion and growth.

As a young, female, inexperienced mountain biker, with both a creative and financial educational background, I think I would made a fantastic addition to a team that is already so committed and so excited to be there. This feels like an opportunity to be a part of my community where I can have a real and meaningful impact. I also find it really exciting that so much of my work experiences feels very relevant to the NSMBA’s cause.

While I am new to the mountain bike community, I am not new the world of outdoor activities and the true joy that is being in the forest. I want to encourage those around me to get out and enjoy it in the same way that I have been able to. And I really want to be part of the team that preserves the trails for years to come.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

My vision for 2021 is to think big picture about what is possible. COVID-19 has granted the outdoor community a unique opportunity.

While Vancouverites were already known for their outdoorsy nature, it seems that within the past year the whole city has discovered new outdoor activities. People who had always avoided rain are now out walking daily, bike sales have been bigger than ever, and outdoor equipment has been flying off the shelves.

All of Greater Vancouver has discovered the outdoors, and this means more humans than ever are outside! They are out enjoying the trails for the first time. It is a huge awakening for our greater community to see what there is to offer in our very backyard, and people are so excited about it.

What does this mean for NSMBA? More maintenance, more work, and more exposure. This is an opportunity to not only showcase all that the NSMBA does, but also to work to find additional, long-term, sustainable support and funding while everyone is out enjoying, and finding so much meaning in the trails. It is a special moment where the trails, and all the good they provide to their communities are really on display, and I think there must be a way to take advantage of that!

Adam Greene

Current Occupation?

Marketing Consultant

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

Professionally, I am marketing executive with over sixteen years of experience with a combination of business leadership and experience in global sport marketing. I have built my career in a number of roles in the outdoor/action sport industry working for companies such as SCOTT Sports, Smith, SAXX and 7mesh in leadership positions.

On a personal note, I am an avid mountain biker, skier and outdoor enthusiast. I am a 2x Ironman finisher and live with my family in North Vancouver, BC. I am passionate about giving back to my community and feel my contribution and experience would benefit the NSMBA and support our community of riders.

Share with us your Employment and/or Volunteer History.


AG Performance Marketing – Vancouver, BC June 2019 – Present
– Consulting specializing in building brand strategies, go-to-market and digital marketing plans

Immediately approached by several brands for marketing consulting services after departing from SAXX. Consulting services focus on building brand strategies, developing go-to-market plans and optimizing digital marketing platforms.

Building global retail marketing strategy for tentree apparel. Retail strategy focused on providing consumers with a meaningful point of difference within the retail environment while increasing sales. Tools and presentation material developed showing profitability per square foot to show positive ROI.

Developed brand strategy and architecture for Nate Grooming. Conducted brand workshop used to develop brand platform which included identifying Nate’s mission, vision and target consumer. Leading logo, visual id and market entry strategy.

Approached by Santevia Water to be interim Head of Marketing. Revised brand platform providing a clear perspective on their unique position and value in the market as well as clearly defining Santevia’s consumer segments. Ongoing work will include updating packaging, website and digital marketing/ecommerce plan.

Developing, managing and implementing 7mesh Apparel’s Go-To-Market (GTM) Plan, including cross-department GTM efforts, their digital marketing strategy, and D2C business. Through the creation of seasonal brand and product initiatives, consistent across all consumer touchpoints I am working to elevate the 7mesh brand while driving consumers to the channel of their choice.

Managing and developing FIND prospecting and lead generation strategy to help create awareness, value and B2B prospects for the product and FIND brand.

SAXX Underwear – Vancouver, BC April 2015 – June 2019
– Privately owned global leader in the men’s premium technical underwear category
Marketing Director

Developed and implemented the brand and ecommerce strategy globally. Reported to the CEO, oversaw and implemented the strategic development of omni channel campaigns for marketing and ecommerce departments, developed Go-To-Market plans, media & PR strategies, KPI tracking and budget management. The marketing and ecommerce initiatives positioned SAXX as the fastest growing men’s underwear brand in North America and set the stage for a 45% CAGR over the next 5 years.

Launched SAXX brand strategy and increased revenue by +250% adding $40M in 4 years. Recruited to build SAXX marketing and design team from the ground up and began to generate revenue within 2 months by creating digital ecommerce strategy and brand platform.

Developed and led Go-To-Market plans with omni-channel strategies critical for pre-season bookings and achieving revenue targets in each channel of trade.

Created athlete sponsorship program which drove 40M brand impressions annually with team consisting of Ken Block (rally driver), Kevin Love (NBA player), Jake Arrieta (MLB pitcher) and Mark Healey (surfer).

Built and grew the direct-to-consumer channel +500% in revenue over 4 years.

Drove traffic through paid and organic strategies while optimizing conversion through user experience improvements, landing pages and mobile optimization.

Developed and implemented high-ROI driving initiatives, including search marketing, affiliates, paid social, email, direct mail, web content, podcasts, influencer marketing, analytics, events and promotions. Grew direct channel’s contribution to overall company sales from 11.4% to +20%.

Designed Retail Marketing Strategy with key retailers including Nordstrom, REI and Buckle, through traffic driving OOH, radio campaigns and in store merchandising systems promoting the SAXX brand story and technology point of difference, “the BallPark Pouch™.”

Developed geographic retail media strategy to determine locations and consumer targeting with the highest ROI. Implemented an in-store fixture and merchandising strategy exceeding sell through expectations from key retailers.

Built opportunity and led the development of Community & Event Strategy delivering experiential events and product seeding that drove awareness, sales and loyalty. Built internal community team and managed agency partners.

Created and implemented Social Media & Influencer Strategy increasing reach and awareness for new brand position with target audience. Increased Instagram followers +620% over four-year period with over 60M+ impressions delivered annually across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

Developed highly successful PR and product launch strategy achieving increased brand awareness through earned media and sales exceeding management expectations. Brand features achieved on Bloomberg and Gear of The Year awards proved critical to driving growth.

SMITH Optics – Sun Valley, Idaho May 2013 – May 2015
– Global market leader in eyewear, goggles, helmets and accessories; portfolio company of Safilo Corporation (SFL.MI) Marketing Director

Developed new brand strategy while implementing strategic plan for expansion in eyewear and bike helmets achieving $10M+ in incremental annual revenue.

Initiated strategic plan that launched propriety eyewear technology (ChromaPop™) and new bicycle helmet category in wholesale and direct to consumer channels that positioned SMITH as leader in eyewear and helmets setting the stage for 2x revenue growth in 5 years. Reported to SVP of Sales and Marketing.

Launched New Brand Campaign ‘The Experience is Everything’ with updated brand platform and new logo leading to an increased revenue from $72M to $96M in 24 months.

Developed and implemented new digital marketing strategy and reporting dashboard using ambassador content and UGC to improve conversion rates by +3.5%.

Managed and nominated for Best PR Campaign for the launch of propriety sunglass lens tech, ChromaPop™ in Sporting Goods Business contributing to $7M in incremental sales in one year.

Led team in the development of an omni-channel launch plan for direct to consumer and wholesale channels for newly created bike helmet category resulting in $1M in incremental sales in 1 year.

Developed market entry strategy for brand targeting Southeast of the US resulting in 2X category growth for sunglass product line in 5 years.

SCOTT Sports – Sun Valley, ID June 2006 – May 2013
– Sporting goods brand with category leading market share in bicycles, winter equipment, motorsports gear and sportswear.
Marketing Manager

Promoted into a newly created position to build cohesive brand strategy for US and align all categories; bike, winter sports, motocross and outdoor with global brand direction. Led design team in the development of global marketing campaigns and collaborated with global team in the re-platform of global website to Hybris B2B and B2C enterprise solution

Developed and executed an integrated US marketing and communications strategy to support brand revenue goals and streamline integration with global team, while reducing marketing operating expenses by 20%.

Led brand identity and logo update, managed design team in the creation of global brand guidelines, logo use and digital launch strategy
Reduced packaging costs by an initial $200K while improving brand consistency across all categories by developing new global product packaging solution.

Product Manager, Motocross June 2006 – June 2008

Recruited to manage SCOTT motocross boot and apparel categories overseeing production planning, forecasting, product R&D, sales and marketing material. Part of global product team and generated $5M+ in category revenue annually.

Spearheaded pricing strategies for global distributor and wholesale partners.
Designed new product testing program using sponsored athletes to provide continuous feedback to engineering team which was adopted by other product departments.

Featured in Dirt Rider Magazine as key role in growing motocross business for SCOTT.

SOFTRIDE Bike – Bellingham, Washington May 2003 – June 2006
Marketing/Sales Development Manager

Developed and grew direct-to-consumer channel for bike and rack division 15% yoy comp over 3 years, while maintaining wholesale channel growth in independent bike retailer channel.

Built and delivered marketing strategies and managed all marketing communications and branding activities, including online and print advertising, messaging, website, digital marketing, collateral, and PR.

Led the development and execution of the PR plan for new TT bike, awarded bike of the year by Triathlete Magazine contributing to $200k in immediate revenue.

Bachelor of Business Administration & Marketing | Western Washington University (2003)


Keynote Speaker at Whistler Bike Conference, 2x Ironman finisher, Trail Runner, Professional Mountain Bike Athlete and Avid Backcountry Skier.

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

Examples of my accomplishments include:

Managed $15 million-dollar global marketing and advertising budget that led to a sales increase of +250% over 4 years.

Public speaker recently featured as a keynote Speaker at Whistler Bike Conference

Successfully re launched and optimized websites and digital platforms for SAXX, Smith and SCOTT to enable direct to consumer sales.

Launched award winning Brand Campaigns with updated brand platform and new logo leading to an increase in revenue.

Led teams in successful global product launches introducing market leading apparel, eyewear, helmets, outerwear, footwear and bicycles.

Awarded recognition in industry marketing trade publications including: SIA, Transworld Business, Transworld Motocross, Outdoor Insight.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

I would like to take my marketing experience and background to help build community experiences, youth programs and trail development for the NSMBA. Part of building community would be to work with schools and local businesses/brands to increase their involvement in trail programs catered towards youth development programs. I would like to help develop programs for trail building, parking and other priorities through community investment and donations.

Jackie Hicks

Current Occupation?

Civil Engineer

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

I’m lucky to be able to say Fromme is my backyard. Growing up and living on the North Shore I been loving mountain biking for years and am now raising a family of mountain bikers. I am very organized and focus on solutions when faced with a challenge. I’m interested in a NSMBA Director role to get more involved with the local trails and community.

Share with us your Employment and/or Volunteer History.

I work for Parks Canada as a Project Manager. I get to explore and learn about Canada’s Parks and Historic places, while using my engineering skills to build and maintain infrastructure. The most exciting project I’m currently leading is the construction of a new multi-use pathway through the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve connecting Tofino and Ucluelet.

My most recent volunteer experience was organizing the North Shore Knotty + Nice. This would have been the first womens enduro mountain bike race on the North Shore! It has been postponed and I look forward to its resurrection. Before that, I led the Ross Road Bike to School week for 8 years where we won a Bike HUB award for top participation in 2018.

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

​I am an expert event planner. Actually, I’m a Civil Engineer specializing in Project Management, but my passion lies in organizing events (projects) and managing teams of people. I love meeting new people and exploring new places. My favourite rides this year include trips to Revelstoke, Penticton, and Castlegar.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

I would like to see the NSMBA continue to maintain the existing trails while expanding the trail network into new areas. I want to see the sport grow sustainably. Having 3 children that now ask me to take them biking, I would like to see all levels of trails and progressions where people of all ages and abilities can learn and grow in the sport. I want to see the North Shore community embrace being one of the best mountain bike areas in the World. Most of all, I want to my daughter to see other strong women and girls on bikes ripping on the North Shore!

Brent Hillier (incumbent) - Director of Youth
I’ve been living and working on the North Shore for the better part of a decade, and am proud to call it home and raise my family here. In my professional life, I’m the host of the Front Lines MTB Podcast, a bi-weekly show aimed at Trail Advocates, Builders and Non-profit volunteers and employees. In addition, I’ve also worked as the Community Manager at Trailforks, where I worked with over 1400 Trail Associations all over the world.
I’m passionate about trails and the people who recreate on them. Like public libraries, trails are not only a crucial community asset, but a public right. But unlike our roads and social services, I believe they should always be maintained and managed by the community. Having community members maintain an integral community asset, provides us with the opportunity to learn, grow and socialize; ensuring a legacy of stewardship for generations to come. Like everything it starts with the youth. The future of Mountain Biking, and the trails in general, will be determined by the generation that follows us but like building or maintaining a trail we can still play a huge roll in pointing that path in the right direction.
Sanesh Iyer

Current occupation?

Applications Engineer (Aerospace Composites Simulation)

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

Hello everyone, my name is Sanesh and I love bikes. I’m proudly South African born, but grew up on the North Shore and have been riding here for the last 20 years. I spent my teens and early twenties working in the local MTB industry, doing everything from sweeping bike shop floors to wrenching to guiding to MTB engineering. It’s safe to say that this community raised me, and taught me the values of life long learning, self-motivation, and a strong work ethic. I would like to use those skills to give back to the community.

I’m car-free and currently start my mountain bike rides from near Cambie & Broadway. 2020 turned into the year of bike-packing for me so — in addition to weekday rides on the Shore — I’ve spent my weekends riding my MTB all over the Lower Mainland and Sea to Sky to explore more trails. Clearly I’m a big proponent of riding to the trails, I’m not sure how my bike feels about it though.

Share with us your employment and/or volunteer history

I work as an Applications Engineer at Convergent Manufacturing Technologies. We work primarily in the aerospace composites industry, which sees me executing multiple simultaneous projects in collaboration with many — often international — stakeholders. Some past work highlights in mountain biking include:

Engineering Intern, Race Mechanic – Rocky Mountain Bikes
Mechanic & Guide – Endless Biking
Sales Person & Mechanic – Lynn Valley Bikes
Volunteer – BC Bike Race
Shop Grom — North Shore Bike Shop, John Henry Bikes

I have also volunteered in management and executive capacities, including:
Team Captain, BCIT Racing — Managing > 40 student volunteers and fundraising >20,000 CAD
Twice Elected Student Representative, BCIT Education Council — Consulting on new and revised academic policy and programming at the institutional level.
Student Representative, McGill — Council of Graduate and Post Doctoral Studies, Committee on Teaching & Learning, Workshop Safety Committee

My experience in small businesses taught me to be flexible, learn on the fly, and gives me insight into the local industry. In my academic executive roles, I used these skills to effect meaningful change for my constituents within large institutions in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

In my current job — and during my graduate and undergraduate studies — much of my work hinges on the ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders and win grants and bids. As part of a team and individually, I have successfully applied for, and executed work for, grants from organizations including NASA, Engineers and Geoscientists BC (EGBC), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and others. As a student Team Captain, I co-organized grassroots events (trivia nights, promotional product sales, etc.) for fundraising and community building.

I have an M. Eng. (Thesis) from McGill and a B. Eng. from BCIT, both in mechanical engineering. I also did research at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland in materials science. I am currently a registered Engineer in Training (EIT).

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

The NSMBA has done incredible work through it’s Trails For All initiative. In particular, I applaud efforts to maintain multi-use trails. I would like to contribute to this by engaging more stakeholders from other user groups with whom these trails are shared. This will build a stronger sense of outdoors community between all users. It will also provide all users the same sense of pride in the outdoors space that we have. Mountain biking is an intimidating sport to get into for many reasons. I hope that by expanding our community we can reach more diverse demographics, make new friends for all, and break down barriers to our sport. It’s always less intimidating to try something new when you have friends to do it with.


Matthew Larson

Current Occupation?

College Professor

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

I love the trails of the north shore and they have been a constant escape for me. At the same time, my education and experience in marketing and grass roots could make me of use.

Share with us your employment and/or volunteer history

I’ve worked in federal politics, marketing, and now teach at the local level.

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

I have a masters degree in communications and hope to help NSMBA further.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

To see loam for all – good trails with a great range of challenge. To ensure we protect what we have and the current municipality is cutting down trails built by people in the community.

Vanessa Lebrun

Current Occupation?

Liv Brand Specialist / Customer Service at Giant Bicycle Canada

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

I moved from Quebec City to the Lower Mainland in 2015. Although I was able to hit the trails a few times every season in Quebec, it’s when I moved here that I became totally hooked on mountain biking. I’m always amazed by the quality of our trails, the community and of course all the hard work that it requires. And I never take it for granted.

I studied Consumption Sciences at Laval University, a custom bachelor program that involved a bit of everything: Marketing, Law, Studies, Economics. I’ve always wanted to use my knowledge to improve lifestyle and I’m thankful to be able to help more people to discover the joy of cycling through my work at Giant Canada.

Share with us your Employment and/or Volunteer History.

I’ve been working with Giant for 3 years now and have been exploring a few aspects of the company such as customer service, inside sales, marketing and event management. I’ve had the chance to work on and organize large scales events like Crankworx, and more especially our Liv Aline event which offers a safe opportunity for women to push their limits on the bike.

Prior to then, I’ve worked in hospitality and have had experience in management as well as bookkeeping.

I’ve volunteered at some MTB races in Quebec, at Crankworx, Beer Festivals (everyone likes a good post-ride treat..), Ride to Work Week, Quebec MTB Film Festival, trail days, etc.

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

Like mentioned above, I’ve had the chance to develop experience in event management with my career at Giant.

Along with my current career, my bachelor degree has helped me develop skills in customer satisfaction, communication, marketing, law, and distribution.

For me, human resources also have a huge influence on the success of a “business”, more especially when most of your resources are working on a volunteer basis. I think it’s mandatory to value the volunteers’ wonderful work, in order to create a positive experience and attract more people. I believe my management experience in hospitality and through Liv Canada’s Ambassador Program could be useful for valorizing and managing the volunteers at NSMBA.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

So many people were introduced to cycling in 2020. In the upcoming year, we’ll have the opportunity to capitalize on that and ensure these new riders have the best experience possible. It will be time to show all the parties involved that the North Shore trails are important for the community’s health.

Despite all the uncertainty around 2021, I like to envision some community events, either in-person or virtual. Like many people, I would love to see the Fivers back on the event calendar next year.

There’s incredible work done in order to make the Shore more diverse and inclusive and I’m hoping this is just a beginning! Let’s highlight different user groups and share their own narrative (Go! Colour the Trails!).

More volunteer hours and more happy volunteers! More women riding the trails and working on the trails! Peaceful relationships with landowners and development of progressive jump trails.

Andy McCaughren

Current Occupation?

Senior Bank Manager

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

Growing up in the UK in the early 90s I was part of the first generation of the MTB culture- in a pre-online era print media for the sport thrived and my myriad subscriptions to the British magazines was boosted by the odd exotic copy Mountain Bike Action, which showed a far off world of another sub culture thousands of miles away. Front suspension was a luxury for the wealthy, and riding a fully rigid bike I spent all my time building jumps and trails in my local forest and poring over the newest bike catalogues at school with my friends. Visiting a far off bike shop because they had one carbon bike for me to look at was the very best way to spend a weekend, and I was constantly lusting after impossible to attain bikes with newly released V brakes and 60mm travel forks.

Moving into adulthood and starting a family meant time for riding was limited but I pored my passion into riding into my commuter bike; a converted Kona single speed with as much carbon fiber as I could afford and as many CNC engineered parts as I could find.

In my career in international banking I was given the opportunity last year to join a team in Western Canada- and finally get to live near the trails I had seen photos of many years ago. While my dream was to live in riding distance of North Shore trails, fruitless house hunting for my family led me to look across the lower mainland and eventually settling in North Burnaby, with easy access to the SFU trails and a quick 20 minute drive to the more enticing opportunities of Fromme and Seymour which I did every weekend.

A discreet announcement from the City of Burnaby in the summer- that my weekday trails would instantly be demised due to concerns about erosion- was hugely frustrating, and propelled me to action to protect a hugely valuable resource to the community. I spoke with the Burnaby MBA and joined forces at a media campaign on Global News with my children to show the value of these local trails, and set to emailing my local councillor to air my views. The importance of managing our local assets, working with provincial authorities and protecting trails was hugely important to me, and a swift retraction from the City of Burnaby was testament to the power of community but also emphasised its fragile relationship.

This is where I see the key relationship between the riding community and provincial management- the origins of the shore have ultimately been through the visions of individuals but as mountain biking has grown, careful management of these relationships is needed to safeguard its future. I would welcome the chance to be a part of that community here in Vancouver to work with riders and the relevant authorities to maintain this with the changing demands of our sport in the coming year.

Share with us your Employment and/or Volunteer History.

I have nearly 20 years experience in international finance covering a range of roles including account and personnel management, strategy and business development.

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

My current role is in product and business development- while technical knowledge is important, linking internal and external stakeholders is vital to my role as I secure funding for clients, manage risk, and implement new solutions. I think this is hugely transferable to the world of the mountain biking community- I have extensive experience in project management, solving problems and balancing the needs of different shareholders. I have had a passion for cycling and the world of MTB for over 25 years and would hugely welcome the chance to transfer my professional skills and relationships to a sport I love.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

2020 has been a challenging year for many, and in particular the impact the pandemic has had on physical and mental well being of people around the world has been unprecedented as we all adapt to changing regulations and an uncertain future.

With world class mountain biking, hiking and winter sports in easy reach of British Columbians, there has never been a higher number of people reconnecting with nature on our trails and trying new sports or activities.

While it has been fantastic to see more people getting involved with mountain biking, there have been strains on the infrastructure that surround our sport. By early summer bike shops across the North Shore and lower mainland were full beyond capacity for repairs, bike inventory was impossible to be maintained as demand outstripped supply, and the used market for bikes became severely inflated as a result.

The parking lot at Fromme over the summer is sufficiently strained that arriving after 9.00am at the weekend would typically result in joining a queue for access, and other parking areas on Braemar can cause inconvenience to local residents.

I see the NSMBA as having a huge role in 2021 in trying to manage the impact of these challenges, as well as working closely with local builders to maintain the trails we love.

Helping new and existing riders navigate their way into a new world and working with the district of North Vancouver is imperative to the future success of MTB as we work to gain funding, sponsorship for trails and upkeep, and promote the sport.

Working closely in partnership with local stores is imperative to keep riders on the trails and making a valuable contribution to the local economy, and promoting and managing revenue for the trails is needed as traffic rises.

The Shore grew from the actions of some of the pioneers of our sport for a handful of dedicated riders; now its appeal is far reaching and that requires management and working with the province and the wider community to safeguard its future.

I would love to be part of the NSMBA to build networks locally to help continue to grow and promote mountain biking for our wonderful, world class, region.


James Nadel

Current occupation?

Criminal Lawyer

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

I’m a 36-year-old guy from Hamilton, Ontario who has lived or travelled through nearly every province and territory of this massive country. But after five years of working 60-hour weeks in Toronto, my partner and I knew we needed a change. We chose the mountains—we chose The Shore. We landed in North Vancouver in March 2020, and throughout the pandemic Fromme and Seymour have been our home.

I’ve been a passionate cyclist since I was a teen, abusing my mom’s hybrid Sears bike until my neighbour put an old 10-speed to the curb on junk day. To me, that 10-speed was pure freedom. When I graduated high school, my grandparents gave me some cash for university books. Naturally, I bought my first mountain bike. I spent the next nine summers working as bicycle mechanic.

The skills I learned working in bike shops led me to succeed in my subsequent careers in book publishing, and now in law: attentive listening; creative problem solving; keen attention to detail; organization; the ability to work under pressure; and a strong work ethic. Similarly, the personal values I developed in the bike shop have been reinforced by my time as a criminal lawyer: patience; humility; empathy; dedication; preparation; and professionalism. If given the opportunity, I would exercise these abilities and characteristics as a Director of the NSMBA.

I believe in the importance of an inclusive trail-user community, from the diversity of activities and abilities to the diversity of the people themselves. I believe that community-building requires hard work taken after a thoughtful deliberate approach to the issue of the day. I believe in environmental stewardship such that the land we live and play on is preserved for future generations. I don’t purport to know every challenge facing the NSMBA and its various stakeholders (though I have reviewed the minutes to educate myself), let alone have all the answers, but I have the interest, enthusiasm, and commitment to be a productive member of the NSMBA’s Board of Directors.

Share with us your employment and/or volunteer history

My career trajectory has been, well, meandering. Throughout my undergraduate years I had a strong personal interest in visual arts and literature, and I spent the academic semesters volunteering at university newspapers as a contributing writer, photographer, and staff illustrator. The summers I spent in Ottawa wrenching on everything from Canadian Tire ‘specials’, to recumbents, to high-end tri bikes, and even tuning up the Ottawa Police Service’s fleet of Rocky Mountain Vertexes.

In 2009 my partner and I first moved to Vancouver for her Masters Degree. I continued to work in bike shops while pursuing a career in book publishing. I spent months volunteering as a Design and Editorial Intern at New Star Books, a historic small BC press. I worked full time as a mechanic at La Bicicletta, and built my first (and only) road bike from a new old stock Rocky Mountain Turbo SC frame. Eventually, I was hired at Douglas & McIntyre, then Canada’s largest independent book publisher. To this day, however, I maintain friendships with my colleagues from the Vancouver bike scene, some of whom now own their own shops, or work for Cycling BC. I expect these connections would be an asset were I appointed as a Director of the NSMBA.

Ultimately, I desired to make a more direct contribution to society, and pursued the profession of law. While at law school I volunteered countless hours as a caseworker at the Student Legal Assistance clinic, helping impoverished people resolve their family, criminal, employment, and civil law issues. I managed to find small windows of time to remain creative, and for three consecutive summers operated a small pop-up café and bicycle repair stand at River & Sky Music/Camping festival in northern Ontario.

After being called to the Ontario bar in 2016, I worked as an Assistant Crown Attorney in my hometown of Hamilton, prosecuting the gamut of criminal offences, from—yes, bike thefts—to murder. I was appointed as a regional member of the Hate Crime Working Group and team lead for Intimate Partner Violence offences. During this time, I volunteered many hours to train police officers in a variety of areas to improve the quality of their investigations.

Eventually, I burned out. My partner and I wanted to spend more time doing the things we loved in the place we loved (mountain biking and hiking), and two months later we moved straight to North Vancouver. We bought our NSMBA memberships on arrival, and I immediately tried to volunteer to maintain the trails, which understandably was on hold due to Covid-19. (I have since worked two trail days, including one where I crushed my finger doing rock work on the Baden Powel, requiring six stitches—no tears, but quite literally blood and sweat.) I spent two mornings a week volunteering at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank while I transferred my law licence to BC. I am now an Associate at Jabour Sudeko Lucky, a small long-standing law firm in North Vancouver, where I assist people to navigate the criminal justice system, ensuring state authorities respect individuals’ Charter-protected rights.

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

My enduring interest in cycling has exposed me to most types of riding and their various scenes: I’ve cheered my friends from the course tape at DH races; built more fixed-gear wheels than I have fingers during my fascination with bike courier culture; weight trained with genuine track-bike racers; glued tubulars and ridden with present-day Olympians and Grand Tour stage winners; pushed absurdly heavy touring bikes up hills on the Trans-Canada Highway; and carried my trail bike down more of the Shore than I care to admit. In short, I am a bike nerd—not a bike snob—and can find common ground between different groups of cyclists, and between cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts.

From my experience presenting cases before judges and juries I have become a confident public speaker, and have learned to be persuasive without belligerence. A great deal of lawyering, however, happens outside of the courtroom. Preparing a case for trial takes substantial organization, strategy, research, and labour. But, most cases resolve without litigation, and I have extensive experience in negotiation, and managing the expectations and emotions of conflicting parties and stakeholders—handling tense situations with angry people is commonplace. I expect this background would assist in trail advocacy with various land managers. I am a concise, clear writer, and am adept at parsing legislation and lengthy, technical documents. As a former Crown prosecutor, I was also seized with the substantial responsibility of exercising my discretion in the public interest, and being accountable to my community. I would similarly honoured to represent the interests of the NSMBA membership.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

Bicycle sales and the usage of outdoor spaces increased dramatically during the pandemic, in turn increasing strain on the land, conflict with other trail users, and tension with neighbouring residential properties. By bringing new and existing trail users into the NSMBA fold, basic etiquette and best-practice campaigns will go a long way to easing this pressure. Engagement with local government for funding to support these sustainability efforts, and outreach with neighbouring residents should be commensurate with the growing burden on the trail networks.

Moreover, the NSMBA can capitalize upon this market of new trail users for membership funding, and trail-day volunteers by invigorating a sense of collective guardianship over the mountains. But, before they can join the cause, these new users must first be made aware of the NSMBA and its importance.

A multi-pronged effort is required to increase appreciation of the NSMBA as the principle custodian of these trails. NSMBA visibility via physical signage on (e.g. map kiosks, main thoroughfares, and on trail markers) was minimal at the outset of the 2020 season compared with SORCA, and could be increased in a consistent tastefully-designed manner. Additionally, as Corey Brennan and Morgan Mallett have done previously with the NSMBA, and more recently with Digger Know Fear, the NSMBA should continue to leverage the legacy of The Shore into a boutique product with seasonal designs—particularly jerseys, which have their own advertising qualities while on the hill. New and old riders will be keen to associate themselves with the brand, increasing recognition of the NSMBA, while concurrently raising funds. A third similar stream for NSMBA recognition could be through associations with the number of online MTB personalities with substantial platforms, for example through NSMBA ambassadors’ participation in interviews on various YouTube channels & podcasts. Online MTB personalities can also be solicited to support various fundraising events and projects, such as guest-guided rides, and Trail Adoption Program sponsorship and maintenance efforts.

Similarly, the 2021 season could be full of educational events, directed by NSMBA staff and/or in partnership with local bike shops, clubs, and environmental and Indigenous associations. Beyond reinstituting the Trail Academy, other topics may interest different segments of the community, such as forest ecosystems & tree recognition, First Nations’ historic use of their unceded land, bicycle maintenance, and riding skills. Ideally these educational seminars could be conducted in person at complimentary locations (e.g. on specific trails themselves), but should physical distancing continue to limit gathering sizes, the foregoing online content partnerships and delivery methods could be used for participation. Obviously, I have not had the opportunity to participate in a Fiver Race, but these community competitions should be safely reinstated when possible.

Ultimately, with a growing NSMBA membership, the 2021 season could be one of large trail-maintenance and trail-building projects. Continued strategic improvements on less-used areas, such as the Fromme climb trail, ease the traffic on other overburdened routes. Focused effort should also be directed at collaborating with land managers to restore heritage trails that have fallen into disrepair, CBC for example, with options for all skill levels. These flagship trails, like Into the Mystic/Lord of the Squirrels, increase notoriety of the surrounding areas and disperse rider density. Further, their rejuvenation demonstrates sound land management, and manifests the ambition that these trails are indeed trails for all, trails forever.

Cooper Quinn (incumbent) - President

The Shore’s trails are a primary reason I moved here 15 years ago. I grew up in Jackson, Wyoming as part of a tight-knit community of builders and riders. I learned early on that trail access is a privilege, not a right, and in the value advocacy; working together with land managers and other stakeholders to build solutions that benefit the entire community.

There’s a long, involved history in the forests here—a patchwork of land managers, a complex stakeholder environment, and 1400 mm of rain annually all overlay our frontcountry network of multi-use trails, all within a stones throw of the 3rd largest municipal area in Canada. And, it’s The Shore—we’re legendary across the world for our legendary progressive trails.

As your President, I try and balance the needs of NSMBA members, environmental stewardship, maintaining our position as a leader in progressive trails, and the community at large. Our community, mountain biking, and outdoor recreation are things I care deeply about; if you ever want to talk about them, email me, and lets get outside somewhere and talk!

Jessica Schisler

Current Occupation?

Global Inventory Control Manager

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

I am a driven, results-oriented global business leader with a diverse personal and professional background. I have tactical and strategic experience in a variety of corporate systems and processes; including ERP/WMS deployments, RFID and other omni-enabling technologies, and the creation of inventory systems and programs that support both distribution centres and stores alike. I am a 2x Ironman triathlete, avid mountain biker and live a very active, outdoor lifestyle here on the North Shore of Vancouver. I am in the practice of balance – seeking that ideal blend of personal and professional; drawing on each area to support the other. I am also a Certified Life and Executive Coach and founder of The Balanced Athlete – a performance coaching business that gives me a platform to support and develop more great leaders.

Share with us your Employment and/or Volunteer History.

Investigation based roles, 2 years
Operation management, 2 years
Business Solutions & Project management, 4 years
Continuous Improvement, 1 year
Supply chain inventory planning & controls, 5 years

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

I have a wide range of experience in program/project management as well as solving complex problems professionally. I thrive in high pressure environments, driving results and highlighting up/down stream considerations. I have a passion for personal coaching, and have worked with many professionals increase their self confidence and make personal pivots in their lives to make tangible improvements to their day to day lives.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

Leading diversity and inclusion to the shore by educating our outdoor enthusiast, driving safety within the trail network and enabling our community to welcome new riders

Laura Tacchi (incumbent) - Treasurer

After learning to mountain bike in the Rockies, I moved to North Vancouver in 2017. Having lived in three other provinces I can confidently say that we spoiled for choice when it comes to trail and riding areas in the Sea to Sky. Since moving here I have tried to ride the local mountains as much as possible. I have been blown away by how much work goes into the trails and how well maintained they are. It is not unusual to roll onto some fresh gold or a new feature and I love that! I am so excited to be a part of the NSMBA and to be able to give back to this community.

When I am not outdoors I work in the banking industry and for the past 10 years, I have worked directly with businesses helping them grow and achieve their goals. Two years ago a group of us from RBC leveraged our community program to adopt Lower Oil Can. It has been so much fun working with the NSMBA and Michael Stormer to help them realize their vision for the trail. As Treasurer I hope to have an even bigger impact and work to ensure the long term success of the Association.

Caio Kallas Vasconcellos

Current occupation?

After Sales & Quality Assurance Supervisor

Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

I love mountain biking so much I actually moved to Canada because of it. After moving I realized I should have done it many years ago! The amount and quality of trails is overwhelming (in an incredibly good way), and I feel like giving back to the community is something I must do.
I have project management experience, and I very good at solving problems.
I don’t have much trail building experience, but during my teens I did build local trails and jumps.

Share with us your employment and/or volunteer history

Currently working for Giant Canada, I have also worked as a mechanic at More Bikes when I arrived in Canada.
I am a mechanical engineer, and have experience with processes, continuous improvement, Kaizen, project management and advanced spreadsheets.

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

I believe that my most relevant skills are my knowledge on managing projects, my deep love for all things MTB related, knowledge on ebikes and some of the user groups who use them, and my ability to solve problems.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

I have seen first hand how MTB has grown this year, and my vision is that NSMBA is in the perfect position to offer this huge amount of new uses great trails and experiences, so that our sport can grow stronger on the long run, while still catering for more advanced riders.

Marty Zaleski

Current occupation?


Tell us about yourself and any qualities you possess which would support you in being a successful NSMBA Director in 2021.

I’ve been a Lower Mainland resident for the past 13 years; two years ago, we moved from East Vancouver to our current Upper Lynn home, a stone’s throw from the Mountain View trail head. I’ve been able to convince my workplace into sponsoring Leppard through TAP. My colleagues, kids, and I have loved getting our hands dirty on trail days, and I’m looking forward to giving more of my time to advance NSMBA’s work.

Over 20 years of consulting and research work, I’ve focused on helping diverse teams deliver solutions to challenging problems. I’m an enthusiastic coach and teacher, and I’m equally happy to listen and support others in carrying out their visions.

Share with us your employment and/or volunteer history

I have worked as a professional geologist for over 20 years, based in Santa Cruz, California, and then the Lower Mainland. My work includes business development, leading and mentoring project teams, strategic planning, and client relationships, including with the City and District of North Vancouver, Translink, FortisBC, and the Squamish and Tsawwassen Nations.

I spent my university summers coaching swim teams in the Okanagan and Kootenays. These were my first opportunities to teach assistant coaches and work as a team to train up to 100 athletes each year.

In my free time, I coach my kids’ soccer teams and, for the past two years, have led the adoption of Leppard on Fromme through the TAP program. I’ve enjoyed helping to keep this trail, a key progression for newer riders working their way up the skills ladder, running smoothly.

Tell us about your experiences/accreditations/competencies which pertain to those being sought for the 2021 Board of Directors.

I’m registered as a professional geoscientist in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and California, which mandates high technical and ethical standards. My day-to-day work involves managing staff, budgets, clients, and stakeholders. I regularly develop professional proposals and grant applications.

Most importantly, I love riding bikes. I love that our neighbourhoods host one of the world’s greatest trail networks. I’m stoked to still be getting a bit better as a rider, well into adulthood. I believe in maintaining and nurturing the physical assets and social license that NSMBA has built, and hope to help grow the network out to be attractive to a broader spectrum of riders.

What is your vision for the NSMBA in 2021?

2021 will be an interesting year. We’ll be recovering from a pandemic. We will be on the back of an unprecedented 2020, in which we managed to keep building out the trail network despite lockdowns and funding challenges. We will be maintaining a core asset that underpins a thriving bike industry. And the trails we maintain will become more inviting to more people, seeking solace and refuge in the woods from lingering COVID restrictions.

My vision for 2021 will be to: 1) explore new relationships and funding models to maintain the capacity of our team; 2) begin to grow the trail network to better appeal to newer riders; 3) keep NSMBA’s current builders and sponsors engaged and contributing to the organization’s direction; and 4) find ways to make North Shore mountain biking attractive to individuals and groups who might otherwise feel excluded.