In 1998, the CBC trail located high on Mt. Seymour was closed due to the bottom third of the trail being within Mt. Seymour Provincial Park which is legislated by provincial law to protect the natural environment and restrict mountain biking access. The upper two thirds of the CBC trail is situated in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR) which is a part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD). Through negotiations with the LSCR, the NSMBA was granted approval to reroute the CBC trail away from the provincial park through the LSCR to join up with the existing trail network below. But under the terms of the agreement the new trail had to be constructed to sustain the exponential increase in riders using the mountain with minimal need for ongoing maintenance. In addition the trail had to be constructed to protect the natural environment and mitigate potential adverse impacts caused by hikers and riders.

Due to the significant ecosystem that the new line was to pass through, this trail had to be constructed to a standard greater than any seen on the North Shore. The challenge was that the trail had to pass through an environmentally sensitive area of a high elevation swamp system. This swamp system is the headwaters of Mystery Creek which is a salmon spawning ground at lower elevations where it joins the Seymour River. The area also contains old growth trees over 1000 years old and up to 13 feet in diameter, which needed to be protected while allowing the riders and hikers to appreciate and be inspired by their majesty. The NSMBA was up to the challenge and the opportunity to prove the possibility of building sustainable mountain biking trails under even the most difficult circumstances.

Since the summer of 2000, the NSMBA with the support of the LSCR has been constructing the CBC reroute, the "NSMBA Poster Child Trail." Prior to starting the trail, the area was surveyed extensively to understand the local ecology and hydrogeology, to maximize the use of the natural topography, and to incorporate as many natural aesthetic and challenging features as possible. Using native materials of rock and cedar left from when the area was first logged decades ago, the NSMBA set out to create a dynamic work of art to be enjoyed by all riders that is still technically challenging and offers everything that has become synonymous with mountain biking on the North Shore. The NSMBA Poster Child Trail and CBC trail are scheduled to be opened this fall. If you would like to help build this amazing trail, contact the NSMBA for more information.