Thanks to support from the Young Family Foundation, the final phase of the Circuit 8 Revitalization is underway led by Digger.  A restorative journey over the past 5 years, the trail will serve beginners and intermediates to take advantage of what is the lowest grade trail zone on the Shore.  The goal is to give an introductory zone to children and beginners in an easy access area that will encourage their participation in the sport of mountain biking and all the positive benefits that go along with it.  The work commencing this March will build upon the work supported by the Yound Foundations in 2014.

This journey has been a long one. It began with the vision of Matt Preston over 5 years ago and has continued under the leadership of Mathew Bond, Pat Podolski and Digger.

Groups who have contributed to this effort include Rocky Mountain Bicycles, BC Bike Race and Capilano University Outdoor Recreation Management. The NSMBA continues to maintain and develop this area for its unique opportunity to create a low grade network to encourage broad based usage to serve beginner & intermediate riders. It is the only opportunity of its kind in our landscape and therefore requires an approach that utilizes this unique landscape best to serve the community.  The project will be completed by mid April.

For a full work plan, including a new bypass and two minor re-routes, please click HERE.

The vision to create a succinct beginner loop and intermediate loop is outlined above.