As the NSMBA works with the Land Managers to create cohesive connections within our inherited network, climbing access is part of this strategy.  

The NSMBA asks the community to help educate other users and adhere to climbing direction.  When designing a climbing trail, the trails are designed significantly different than a descending trail.  Climbing trails are not designed to ride down.  The corners are not designed for the required turning radius at descending speed, therefore require hard braking.  This in turn will trench the upper leg of the switchback, causing water to course into the corner and thereby causing unnecessary erosion.  Please help us ensure this knowledge is shared with other riders and we enjoy maintenance free climbing trails for years to come.

New climbing trails include: Lower Griffen Ascent trail, Skid Road Reroute, Dempsey Ascent, the Academy climb (opening soon), Raw Ramp (opening soon). More to come…



If you see this sign, this means you cannot descend from this entry point.