If you are on the trails:

– Practice very low risk riding – our health services do not have the capacity to treat recreational injuries
– Recreate only with immediate housemates in small groups
– Maintain physical separation of at least 2 meters between yourself and all other trail users

Many places are experiencing high user volumes, with reduced parking and services. We would ask everyone to ride, rather than drive, to the trails whenever possible and stay local.

If you must drive please:

-Follow all parking regulations
-Respect the neighbourhood’s residents
-Park in a way to maintain the minimum 2 meters of physical distancing.

Anything less risks the spread of COVID-19 and will likely result in full closure of trail access. 


We have postponed all of our trail days and events for a minimum of two weeks. We’ll be constantly monitoring the situation and will provide updates regarding future events, trail days and Fivers.

For more resources on COVID-19, please visit: