On Sunday May 10, the NSMBA with sponsors Steed Cycles & Kintec Footlabs hosted the 3rd trail day of the season on Crinkum Crankum, a classic Fromme trail. Rated as an Intermediate to Advanced trail, it sees a lot of riders who continue on from 7th Secret trail, and then carry on to the Griffin trail which was the lucky recipient of our last trail day.

Photo – Graham Archer

 The NSMBA trail team checked out the trail earlier in the week and identified areas that needed repair and maintenance. Over the years water and traffic had worn away at many of the stepped rolls, leaving significant drops in place. Drains also needed to be cleared and braided & widened lines blocked off.

Volunteers met at Upper Lynn Elementary school greeted by hot fresh delicious coffee from Bean Around the World at Lonsdale Quay. Once properly caffeinated they were shuttled up to the trail head by Steed Cycles, Kintec Footlabs and Ian Collings who is one of our dedicated vollies who couldn’t make the trail day but came out to make sure those who could got a ride up – thanks Ian! A smaller than usual turnout was expected due to it being Mother’s Day as well as some other major bike events taking place. In the end we had a solid turnout of 47 volunteers, including some moms! What better way to enjoy Mother’s Day than spending it with your family in the beautiful forests of the North Shore. When asked how many people had never been out to a trail day before, a sea of hands raised followed by applause for such a great turnout of first timers!

The eager vollies started up the trail, tools in hand ready to learn from some of the NSMBA’s experienced builders. The newbies were quick to pick up the basics and were hard at work in no time. Graham Archer from Kintec Footlabs kept everyone happily working by handing out cookies – everything tastes better when you earn it!

There’s nothing like the smell of chainsaw fuel, freshly cut cedar and… cookies!                           Photo – Graham Archer

These guys were moving huge rocks into place. NSMBA President Mathew Bond decided it was time to bring in some help…..                                  Photo – Graham Archer

…. and luckily one of our young builders brought his dumptruck!                                    Photo – Graham Archer

Several dumptruck loads of rock and gold dirt later                             Photo – Sean Gerke

Meanwhile NSMBA Trail Director Dieter Bahr puts his toy truck to work on the gravel zip line.
    Photo – Graham Archer

The gravel is being used on a connector trail between the Cedar trail and the new bridge over the creek at the first switchback area.         Photo – Graham Archer

All that hard work got the appetites going, so luckily the Steed Cycles crew teamed up with the Kintec Footlabs folk to put on a tasty BBQ lunch, with the smell of burgers and hot dogs luring even the most committed workers out of the forest.

It wouldn’t be a trail day without the great schwag giveaway by NSMBA president Mathew Bond. Kintec Footlabs was stocked up with $15 gift certificates for everyone and a grand prize of a Sole footcare package consisting of Sole supportive flip flops, Sole moldable insoles and Sole performance socks-valued at over $150….. wow! The lucky winner will now be very comfortable wherever his feet take him! Kintec provides running, trail and casual footwear and sandals as well as bracing products, it’s great to see a retailer from outside the mountain bike market getting involved, and many avid trail runners joined us to show their appreciation for the great trails we’re so lucky to all share on the North Shore. But it didn’t stop there, we had sunglasses & water bottles from Ryders Eyewear, turtle lights from MEC and an NSMBA jersey to give away, everyone was rewarded for their hard work!

After lunch it was back to work, everyone fuelled and ready to finish their projects.

 A nasty eroded drop beside a classic but greasy log ride is now the easier option again!      Photo – Sean Gerke

Cedar braces were laid across this section of trail and back filled with rock and gold dirt, bringing the trail back up 8″ to it’s original level and ensuring it won’t drop down again.     Photo – Sean Gerke

A low spot in the trail was filled in, bridged over on the right and a small jump was built in the center to suit both faster and slower riders.         Photo – Sean Gerke

All the drains were cleared out, this is one of the most important jobs on the trail as it keeps damaging water off!         Photo – Sean Gerke

We’d like to give a huge “thank-you” to the 47 volunteers that came out to the 3rd trail day of 2009, Kintec Footlabs & Steed Cycles for putting on a great day, and finally all the understanding Moms who’s sons & daughters missed them during the day (love you mom!). Didn’t make it? Do not fear, there are still 5 more NSMBA trail days to come. We hope to see you again on Sunday, June 7 on CBC at our All Sponsors trail day – don’t miss this one!