Cypress Mountain Trail Days

Date: September 26 & 27, 2009

Trail: Pre-Reaper / Conservancy Crossing 

Start Time: 9:00AM

Meet:  Parking Lot #5 on Cypress

Coffee provided in morning. Lunch provided by Different Bikes. Project funded by MEC.

If you’ve ridden Pre-Reaper this year you’ve noticed a new bridge over the low, swampy area. The bridge is courtesy of WVAN Parks and the approaches are thanks to the many volunteers who took part in last year’s first ever volunteer trail work sponsored by WVAN Parks. It was a great success and Parks was blown away by the quality of the work.

This year we’re looking for volunteers to finish the trail from the parking lot to the bridge. The trail surface will be the same as the approaches. While you wouldn’t call it gnarly, natural undulations will be maintained to preserve the flow of this relatively flat trail.

Kudos to MEC for funding the work this time around and to Different Bikes for providing lunches. WVAN Parks is still involved, which is a good thing because they will eventually own all trails now on BPP land such as Sex Boy, Fire Hose and the Roaches. A big motivation for this work is to show them that they can work with mtn bikers to maintain the trails. This is important if we want them to keep the challenging trails challenging and maintain the current riding experience enjoyed by so many on Cypress.

Two days is a lot to ask. A number of people have already volunteered for Saturday, so if you can only make one day, please consider Sunday.