Fall 2020 Social Badger Dates and Prize Winners

Challenge/Badge Dates

August 30th to September 5th: Two Mountain Slalom – Presented by Obsession: Bikes

September 6th to September 12th: Cold Brew Badge / Battle Tractor Badge – Presented by Steed Cycles

September 13th to September 19th: Quick Hit: Bobsled / Quick Hit: Floppy Bunny / Quick Hit: Griffens / Quick Hit: Gold Edition – Presented by Lynn Valley Bikes

September 20th to September 26th: Starter Badge / Hauler Badger – Presented by Bicicletta

September 27th to October 3rd: Fromme Badger / Seymour Badger / Social Badger / Honey Badger – Presented by Endless Biking

October 4th to October 10th: Science of Send 1 / Science of Send 2 / Science of Send 3 – Presented by Norco Bikes – North Shore

October 11th to October 17th: Cry me a River / Why does it always rain on me? / Show me the meaning of being lonely / Rainbow in the Dark –  Presented by Comor Sports

October 18th to October 24th: Two Mountain Extravaganza – Presented by BC Bike Race

Posting your adventures on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter? Use #nsmba and #socialbadger2020 to get your photos shared on the NSMBA feeds!


Prize Winners

  1. Obsession: Bike – Ryan Leaver, Kenneth Moore and Krista Rawlings
  2. Steed Cycles – Erica Henderson and Ken Murray
  3. Lynn Valley Bikes – Natalie Nohra, Daniel Grunwald, Leo MacDonald and Guy Elliot.
  4. Bicicletta- Jonathan Lapierre, Glen Goodvin
  5. Endless Biking: Cameron Loftus, Travis McMillan, Steve Macleod, Justin Hall 
  6. Norco North Shore: Steven Mulcahy, Dave Clendenan, Don MacDonald
  7. Comor Sports: James Oborne
  8. BC Bike Race: Adam Watson