The work to replace expired woodwork continues. Work on Pangor is nearly complete, with one wooden berm rebuilt and another soon on its way.  This on top of the work over the past several weeks. Most recently, a boxed transition was installed on the optional drop and boardwalk between the wooden berms has been replaced.  Big thanks to Pat Podolski, Sean Gerke & Sven Luebke for the lions share of the work.

Digger continues to buff up Expresso on an ongoing basis, most recently upper Expresso.

His work on Ladies Only has addressed erosion/drainage and wood work replacement continuesas expired structures are replaced one by one. Peter Morin continues to make improvements on the east side of Fromme from 7th to Kirkford and the linked descent is getting better every day with fresh dirt and hazards removed. All of our builders are trained in structure assessment and work with the respective Land Manager to determine when a structure is no longer safe.  If it is deemed unsafe, it is removed. If possible, it will be replaced if materials are available or if practical.  

Thanks to leadership from Penny Deck and Martin Newman, a new entrance to Penny Lane has been created with horsepower from Steed Bike Shop's Pretty & Gritty all women team. The new entrance has been dubbed "Pussyfoot" and is nearly complete and will open when ready. Presently, it is signed as closed, please respect this closure until it is ready.



Our team of TAP builders & Adopters continues to maintain and care for 26 trails. With the return of moisture in Sept, TAP re-started after a long summer drought. Lots of work has been done in the past couple of months.

Improvements have been made recently on HSL trail thanks to Dunbar Cycles – be sure to check out the new berms!

GIANT Canada has been hard at it with Ol' Man Pete on Leppard.

Dreamweaver has seen some buffing and maintenance thanks to Arc'teryx.

North Shore Bike Shop is back at it on TNT. 

Okanagan Spring led a public trail day on Corkscrew in September to build an easy bypass around the giant log ride at the request of Metro Vancouver. The log ride isn't going anywhere, but Metro will be deactivating the prior easy bypass to riders far left beside the wooden platform adjacent to the giant log ride. 

Capilano University Outdoor Recreation Management has made some improvements on 

Dempsey trail.

Pennzoil got a new entrance thanks to support from CLIF bar.

Ongoing improvements on Digger have been taken on by Ryders Eyewear.  

Sombrio continues their work to maintain most recently the bottom of Floppy Bunny.  

BCBR has thrown some dirt on lower Forever After and The Raven Neighbourhood Pub has helped retrofit Pingu with tables and drops this year!


Rocky Mountain Bicycles has held a couple trail days on Lower Oilcan and the trail is getting better all the time. New dirt on Middle Griffen promptly turned to mud with the heavy rains but the intention was there!  Thanks to Comor for their support!  Finally, Filzer sponsored a public trail day on Empress Bypass taking on important ditch clearing and drainage with the coming wet season. Work will continue through Nov/Dec as we wrap up another successful TAP season.  Please help us thank all of our adopters for their support and hard work!

Race Face Shore Corps
A huge thanks to all the grads from the Builders Academy to seek the knowledge to maintain & build trails that will survive in our rainforest!  The Shore Corps have been busy expanding knowledge through practical application sessions to improve our trails and access to the mountains.

Work Continues…
Wood removal and replacement on Crinkum Crankum is currently underway on expired structures just above Kirkford.  Our goal with all of our work is to improve the experience and safety for all trail users.  Care for the environment and sustainable solutions that require minimal maintenance are part of our goals as well.  We work in collaboration with the Land Managers to determine the best possible solutions. Thank you for your support in our efforts.