February Trail Update

Via our Builder Work Reports



Nice-ish weather? 


We’ll take it…

Thanks to all of our builders and volunteers who put in some awesome work on the mountains this month.  Keep an eye on our events calendar for some upcoming trail days!

Check out below the work that our volunteers and builders have been up to this past month!

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Jersey Shore

TAP Sponsor: Fox

Improvement of tread, removal of potential hazards such as stumps, rocks, and roots. Rebuild berms, clear drains, improve sight lines.

Jersey Shore Cont.

Removal of downed tree and rebuild of berm. Improvement of entrance to another berm.


TAP Trail Day

Trail tread repair and drainage. 

Cut old culvert in half and installed one section above bridge, corner refreshed with more dirt. Corner was reshaped and mineral soil replenished.

Forever After

Trail Adopter: Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Roots covered with armouring and mineral soil. Drainage added with grade reversals. Berm added to bottom corner with heavy anchored armouring.

Upper Griffen

Re-surface corner to remove slippery mud and replace with mineral soil. 


TAP Sponsor: Coast Mountain Trail Running

Added crib to collapsed corner, using a length of cedar which was harvested from the trail two years ago. Added new stakes from cedar prepared at home. Added rocks and mineral soil to raise the tread.
Will need to add some more mineral soil once the tread is packed in after a few cycles of rainfall.

Latest News

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Thriving Non-Profits Participants

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Trail Crew Update – February, 2023

Trail Crew Update – February, 2023

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