On October 22nd at 10:15AM I joined a small, but impressive group for the announcement including federal Minister for the Environment Jim Prentice, Valerie Pringle and Deborah Apps, Chair and President of the Trans Canada Trail (respectively), two time Olympic medalist Simon Whitfield, and Parks Canada Director of Visitor Experiences Ed Jager to mention a few.

Some locals in the bunch, including our BC IMBA rep James Brown, SORCA’s Mike Nelson, MOTCA’s John Hawkins, Jeremy McCall from the BC ORC and quite a few more.

This is a huge announcement! Upon its completion, the Trans Canada Trail will be an iconic piece of recreational infrastructre for our country and the longest recreational trail in the world. It’s a step in the right direction for government to be encouraging and funding outdoor recreation. If trails are on the minds of the general public, you may start to see a trickle down effect to provincial and local governments who have a say in your local trail network.