Due to the extremely dry weather we have decided to postpone the final two Fivers of the 2015 season till we get some more moisture. The dry trails have become very sensitive and we feel it's un-needed to race on the trails in these conditions and cause un-needed wear. 

We will be keeping a close eye on weather and update this as soon as we feel we're ready to get the Fiver's going again.

Thank you for your understanding.


Fiver Schedule:

  • April 30 – Seymour – North Shore Bike Shop
  • May 14th – Seymour – Endless Biking
  • May 21st – Seymour – Skiis and Bikes
  • May 28th – Seymour – Lynn Valley Bikes
  • June 11th – Seymour – Norco John Henry
  • June 18th – Seymour – Bond Training / Young Realty
  • June 25th – Seymour – Rocky Mountain
  • POSTPONED – Fromme – Steed
  • POSTPONED- Fromme – MEC