Fire risk is at an all time high throughout many parts of BC and it is our job to keep our community and forest’s safe.

The NSMBA is now following fire safety protocols in response to our current fire danger rating. The Trail Crew and builders are refraining from using mechanical equipment (ex. chainsaws) that may cause a spark on both Fromme and Seymour. The NSMBA Trail Crew currently stop working at 1pm and participate in a mandatory fire watch for 2 hours to ensure there are no smouldering fires present. The Builders also conduct a firewatch after working on their projects as well.

We encourage everyone to stay up to date with the current situation and plan ahead when heading to the trails. Thanks for your cooperation!

For more information and resources about the current Forest Fire situation around BC, visit:

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Fraser Valley Trail Closures 

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Be sure to check other trail associations for updates about trail conditions and closures if you are heading to different regions.