Want to pre-pay for all 9 of the Fiver’s in one shot?

We’ve set that up for you here.

Want to skip the line at sign in and head straight to the first Stage?

We’ve also got that set up here.

There are 9 events this year in the Fiver Series, total cost being $45 (must be a current paid NSMBA member to participate).

This year we are offering the option to purchase your own timing card, we can pre-program your details on it and because you have also pre-paid we just need to scan the card at the end of the night to pull your times. No need to wait in line at sign in.

Got your 2015 membership?

Sign up here for your 2015 membership.

Already have signed up for your membership?

Pre-register for the 2015 Fiver’s HERE.

If you have trouble registering please email brian@nsmba.ca

Lastly it will save some time on the first Fiver if you print out, sign your waiver and bring it with you.

edit: We’ve adjusted the prices to $35 and $52 to account for the first 2 Fivers that has already happened. We’ll be closing this option after Fiver #3.