The NSMBA is proud to announce the new trail on Seymour is named “Forever After”.
The name is a combination in tribute to the Trails Forever Fund, from which funding was derived to complete the project, and the utilization of existing portions of Aftertaste.
The name was submitted by past NSMBA Director Rhonna Gurevich, and bested over 100 other name submissions.

Thank you to those who contributed to the Trails Forever Fund to make this project possible.

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Thank you to BCIT student Devon Campbell for the GIS work to create the above map.

A brief summary of the work includes new trail construction and bolstering of existing trailbed.  Part of this project included the rerouting of the exit of Dale’s Trail by builder Ewan Fafard.

Thank you to Metro Vancouver for their collaboration in completing this project, including significant contribution of their staff to help with the creation of the trail.  The NSMBA is grateful to several builders for their efforts to lead the work including Matt Preston, Todd Fiander, Pat Podolski, Chris Barker & Martin Karlsson.

The trail work will continue this fall by the North Shore Builder Academy to target problem areas exascerbated by the dry weather.  Small edits will ensue as the alignment is refined.  Work will be completed by this fall and ongoing maintenance will continue “Forever After”.