Please note that any vehicles remaining in the lot after gates closed will be reported to the RCMP.

You are now required to contact Payless/Harold’s towing to have the gate open after hours.  There will be a fee to be paid to Payless/Harold’s for this service.

As of June 10th 2016 the Parking Lot Gate closes at 9pm.

In conjunction with the District of North Vancouver the NSMBA would like to encourage all users of the Fromme parking lot to please respect all regulations.

In order to promote safety and efficiencies please respect these regulations:

  • Parking is only permitted in the parking lot. Parking is not permitted along Mountain highway as this can pose an impediment to traffic and limit access by emergency vehicles. Please Respect All Posted Signage.

  • Please observe the hours of operation of the parking lot – signs clearly indicate closing time for the gate. Always allow sufficient time to return to your vehicle prior to the closing of the gate.

The District of North Vancouver will need to enforce all regulations, let’s all do our part to make the parking lot efficient and safe.